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[. . . ] The extractor-hood fan extracts the kitchen vapours and conveys them through the grease filter into the atmosphere. The grease filter absorbs the solid particles in the kitchen vapours. The kitchen is kept almost free of grease and odours. circulating-air mode: An activated carbon filter must be fitted for this operating mode (see Filters and maintenance). [. . . ] The filter must be placed loosely, and NOT wedged, in the dishwasher. Important: Metal filters that are saturated with grease should not be washed together with other dishes etc. When cleaning the filters by hand, soak them in hot soapy water first of all. Then brush the filters clean, rinse them thoroughly and leave the water to drain off. Press the catch on the grease filters Insert the clean filters back into the hood. Caution: As the filter becomes more and more saturated with grease, there is an increased risk of fire and the function of the extractor hood may be impaired. Mounting: Remove the cover W by rotating the O knobs to 90° , fit the filter inside and lock in place with the central knob O, then close the cover. Removing the filter: The filters are removed in reverse sequence. Replacing the activated carbon filters: The saturation of the activated charcoal Occurs after more or less prolonged use, depending on the type of cooking and the regularity of cleaning of the grease filter. In any case it is necessary to replace the cartridge at least every 4 mounths. The carbon filter may NOT be washed or regenerated. The activated carbon filters are available from specialist outlets (see Optional accessories). The appliance is then guaranteed to function perfectly. Disposal of old activated carbon filters: Activated carbon filters do NOT contain any harmful substances. Disconnect the extractor hood from the electricity supply by pulling out the mains plug or switching it off at the fuse box. At the same time as you clean the grease Filters, clean off any grease from all accessible parts of the housing. This significantly reduces the fire hazard and ensures that the extractor hood performs as effectively as possible. Use a hot detergent solution or a mild window cleaner to clean the canopy of the extractor hood. Do not scrape off any dirt that has dried on but loosen it up with a damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or sponges that could cause scratches. Note: Do not use alcohol (spirit) on plastic parts, otherwise the surface may become matt in appearance. Clean the sliding switch with a soft, damp cloth (mild detergent solution) only. [. . . ] Please ask your dealer or inquire at your local authority about current means of disposal. The exhaust air is discharged upwards through a ventilation shaft or directly through the outside wall into the open. For operating in exhaust-air mode, a oneway flap should be mounted inside the wall ventilation box. If no one-way flap was enclosed with the hood, it can be obtained from a specialist retailer. [. . . ]


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