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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Before reading these instructions, please open out the folded page with the illustration. important information Old appliances are not worthless rubbish. Valuable raw materials can be reclaimed by recycling old appliances. Before disposing of your old appliance, render it unusable. [. . . ] 15 minutes) at maximum thermal load, otherwise there is a risk of burns if the housing surface are touched or a risk of damage to the extractor hood. If the extractor hood is situated over a gas hob, operate the hood at maximum setting if three or more gas hotplates are operated simultaneously. Note that one large burner of more than 5 KW (Wok) is equivalent to the power of 2 gas burners. Never operate a gas cooking area without a cooking utensil on it. Regulate the flame in such a way that it does not project over the cooking utensil. Before using your appliance for the first time, please read these instructions for use carefully. They contain important information concerning your personal safety as well as on use and care of your appliance Please retain the operating and installation instructions for a subsequent owner. The extractor-hood fan extracts the Kitchen vapours and conveys them through the grease filters into the atmosphere. The grease filter absorbs the solid particles in the kitchen vapours. The kitchen ist kept almost free of grease and odours. The exhaust air is discharged upwards through a ventilation shaft or directly through the outside wall into the open. ) Exhaust air should neither be directed into a smoke or exhaust flue that is currently used for other purposes, nor into a shaft that is used for ventilation rooms in which stoves or fireplaces are also located. Exhaust air may be discharged in accordance with official and statutory regulations only (e. Local authority regulations must be observed when discharging air into smoke or exhaust air flues that are not otherwise in use. ) When the extractor hood is operated in exhaust-air mode simultaneously with a different burner (such as gas, oil or coal-fired heaters, continuous-flow heaters, hot-water boilers) care must be Taken to ensure that there is an adequate supply of fresh air which will be needed by the burner for combustion. Safe operaration is possible provided that the underpressure in the room where the burner is installed does not exceed 4 Pa (0, 04 mbar). This can be achieved if combustion air can flow through non- lockable openings, e. In doors, windows and via the airintake/exhaust air wall box, or by the other technical measures, such as reciprocal interlocking. If the air intake is inadequate there is a risk of poisoning from combustion gases which are drawn back into the room. An air-intake/exhaust air wall box by itself is no guarantee that the limiting value will not be exceeded. Note: when assessing the overall requirement, the combined ventilation system for the entire household must be taken into considertion. This rule does not apply to the use of cooking appliances, such as hobs and ovens. [. . . ] If the lights of the lamps is weak when the hood is in stand-by, then invert the plug (invert phase with neutral). If you have any questions or if a fault occurs, please call Customer Service. (see list of Customer Service representatives). When you call please quote the following: Enter the relevant numbers into the box above. [. . . ]


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