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[. . . ] 16 Switching the appliance off and placing it out of operation . Safety and warning information Before you put the appliance into operation Carefully read through the instructions for use and assembly instructions. They contain important information on setting up, using and maintaining the appliance. The manufacturer is not liable for any damage caused by failure to follow the guidance and warnings contained in the instructions for use. [. . . ] freezer compartment The temperature can be set from -15 °C up to -22 °C. Press the "freezer/super" button 1 repeatedly until the display panel 7 shows that the required freezer compartment temperature is set. Figure " With the supercool function, the cooling compartment is cooled to the coldest temperature. 40 minutes, or once the temperature in the cooling compartment is 2 °C lower than the set temperature, the super cooling function automatically switches off. Once the coldest temperature is reached, it automatically changes to the present temperature. The supercool function is recommended in the following cases: Before putting a large amount of food in the cooling compartment. Figure " Food should be frozen thoroughly as quickly as possible. utilisable volume You will find information regarding the utilisable volume on the rating plate (see section "After-sales service"). cooling compartment The cooling compartment is the ideal place to keep prepared dishes, baked goods, canned goods, condensed milk, hard cheese, fruit and vegetables that are sensitive to cold, and tropical fruits. When arranging the food, note the following When arranging the food, bear in mind the following: Arrange your food so that it is well- packaged or covered. This ensures that the aroma, colour and freshness are not lost. This also prevents flavours from mixing and the plastic parts from becoming discoloured. Allow warm food and beverages to cool before putting them into the appliance. Do not block the cooling compartment's air outlets with food. Food that is stored directly in front of the air outlets may become frozen by the cold air that is discharged. Use the freezer compartment for the following Note Make sure that the freezer compartment door is always closed. When the door is open, the frozen foods defrost and the freezer compartment ices up heavily. furthermore: Energy is wasted due to the power consumption. When you close the freezer compartment door, there is negative pressure in the freezer compartment. Wait for two to three minutes until the negative pressure has cleared. The temperature in the commercial chest freezer must be -18 °C or colder. As far as possible, frozen food must be transported in an insulated container and quickly placed in the freezer compartment. [. . . ] The door is opened), the display switches back to its normal lighting. Power failure; the fuse has been tripped; the mains plug is not firmly inserted. Check whether there is power, check the fuses. An audible warning signal sounds and "alarm" is shown on the display panel. [. . . ]


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