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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] For your safety Before use, read these instructions carefully in order to become familiar with important safety and operating instructions for this appliance. If the instructions for correct use of the appliance are not observed, the manufacturer's liability for any resulting damage will be excluded. This appliance is designed for processing normal household quantities in the home or similar quantities in non-industrial applications. Use in employee kitchens in shops, offices, agricultural and other commercial businesses, as well as use by guests in boarding houses, small hotels and similar dwellings. [. . . ] Do not change tools until the drive has come to a standstill ­ when the appliance is switched off, the drive continues running briefly and stops in the tool change position. For reasons of safety the appliance may only be operated when unused drives have been covered with drive guards (5, 8). Kneading hook (15) for kneading heavy dough and mixingin ingredients that ought not be cut (e. Depending on the processing task, insert the stirrer, whisk or kneading hook until it locks into position. Note: If using the kneading hook, rotate the dough deflector until the kneading hook can lock into position (Fig. Put the ingredients to be processed into Set the rotary switch to the desired setting. our recommendation: ­­ Stirrer: First stir in at setting 1 (1), then select setting 7 (4) ­­ Whisk: setting 7 (4), mix in at setting 1 (1) ­­ Kneading hook: first stir in at setting 1 (1), knead at setting 3 (2) Adding more ingredients Switch off the appliance with the rotary switch. Add more ingredients through the feed After using the appliance Switch off the appliance with the rotary Take the tool out of the drive. WWRisk of injury Do not grip the sharp blades or edges of the cutting discs. Before attaching / removing the continuousfeed shredder, wait until the drive has come to a standstill and pull out the mains plug. Operate the continuous-feed shredder in the indicated operating position only. F: The built-in predetermined breaking point protects the drive of the appliance. If an overload occurs, the drive shaft of the continuous-feed shredder breaks. A new disc holder with drive shaft is available from customer service. Designation on the reversible slicing disc: "1" for the thick slicing side "3" for the thin slicing side warning!The reversible slicing disc is not suitable for slicing hard cheese, bread, rolls or chocolate. Reversible shredding disc ­ coarse / fine for shredding vegetables, fruit and cheese, except for hard cheese (e. Designation on the reversible shredding disc: "2" for the coarse shredding side "4" for the fine shredding side The reversible shredding disc is not suitable for shredding nuts. Grating disc ­ medium-fine for grating raw potatoes, hard cheese (e. The grating disc is not suitable for grating soft cheese and cheese slices. Remove drive cover from the drive of the continuous-feed shredder (Fig. Hold disc holder at the lower end, ensuring that the two tips are face up. [. . . ] Details regarding these conditions can be obtained from the dealer from whom the appliance was purchased. The bill of sale or receipt must be produced when making any claim under the terms of this guarantee. Fine disc for pasties and spreads, coarse disc for sausages and bacon. For pressing soft fruit, except raspberries, tomatoes and rose hips, to a pulp. [. . . ]


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