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[. . . ] You have joined the many consumers who demand quiet and superior performance from their dishwashers. This manual was written with your safety and convenience in mind, and the information contained herein is very important. We highly recommend that you read this manual before using your dishwasher for the first time. To learn more about your dishwasher and available accessories, as well as many other top quality Bosch appliances, visit our web site at: Ca (Canada) While there, don't forget to register your new dishwasher by clicking on the Support tab or filling out the product registration card enclosed with your new unit. [. . . ] To achieve proper drying, always use a liquid rinse aid, even if your detergent contains a rinse aid or drying additive. Note: The dishwasher indicates low rinse aid by turning on the "Add Rinse Aid" indicator light. If this light is on, you need to refill the rinse aid dispenser by following the directions below. If the light is not on, your dishwasher still has enough Rinse Aid and there is no need to refill it. adding Rinse Aid Add liquid rinse aid to the dispenser until it is full (see Figure 5). Wipe up any excess rinse aid that may puddle when the dispenser reservoir is full. Lid must be snapped fully closed in order to seal. The indicator light will go out a few moments after the dishwasher door is shut. See below for instructions on how to adjust the amount of rinse aid dispensed. Note: Setting the rinse aid to "r:00" may increase cycle times. The amount of rinse aid dispensed can be set from "r:00" to "r:06". 2 Hold down the "A" button (see page 15) and press [Start] until the 3 Press the "A" button until the display shows "r:05". 4 Press the "C" button to select the desired setting. Heavy: Best for cleaning items with baked-on food or grease. These dishes would normally require soaking. Auto: With our most complex soil sensing capability, this cycle is perfect for use with mixed loads of dishware and varying amounts of food soil. This is the most flexible cycle and is a good choice for everyday use. normal: Thoroughly cleans a full load of normally soiled dishes. Note: The Energy Guide Label was based on this soil sensing cycle with all available options turned off. As prescribed in the energy test procedure, the unit was tested without any Rinse Aid in the Rinse Aid dispenser. A single dose of detergent was used in the Detergent Dispenser, with no detergent used in the prewash. The test was conducted with the upper rack in the upper position . [. . . ] The foregoing timeline begins to run upon the date of purchase, and shall not be stalled, tolled, extended, or suspended, for any reason whatsoever. Labor and shipping costs are included in this basic coverage. extended Limited Warranty: BSH also provides these additional limited warranties: · 5 Year Limited Warranty on Electronics: BSH will repair or replace any BSH microprocessor or printed circuit board if it proves to be defective in materials or workmanship (excludes labor charges). 5 Year Limited Warranty on Dish Racks: BSH will replace the upper or lower dish rack (excluding rack components), if the rack proves defective in materials or workmanship (excludes labor charges). [. . . ]


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