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[. . . ] Should a fault occur, pull the plug or disconnect from the mains immediately. During operation of the appliance the temperature of exposed surfaces may become very high. During operation only grasp the parts of the appliance and the glass jug by the handles provided. After the use the heating element surfaces and warming plate can be subjected to residual heat. [. . . ] It lets you set the time at which the machine will automatically start the brewing process. The timer works only if the machine is turned on or in power-save mode. Use button h to set the hour and button min to set the minute at which you want the brewing to start (Figs. The display shows a little clock to indicate that the timer function is activated. Fill the machine with water and coffee as usual and place the carafe under the filter housing. The brewing process will start automatically at the set time; the little clock disappears. Note: To check the programmed time, press and hold down the button prog. Note: If you turn off the coffee machine with ON/OFF switch O or the power supply is interrupted (plug not plugged in, power failure), the clock and timer settings will be stored for approximately four days. Once a package of coffee has been opened, close it tightly to maintain its aroma. Darker roast = more flavour Lighter roast = more acidity cleaning Never immerse the device in water or place it in the dishwasher! Tip: If you do not use the appliance for a longer period of time, turn it off with ON/OFF switch O. low water indicator K This coffee machine senses if the water volume in the water tank is low (less than approx. If the water level is low, K lights up and the machine automatically increases the brewing time. Clean the coffee machine's exterior with a damp cloth; do not use strong or abrasive cleaning agents. Clean the water tank under running water; don't use a firm brush. Only The glass carafe and its lid are Only Rinse out the thermos carafe and lid And wipe its exterior clean with a damp cloth. Do not submerse the carafe in the Important: Never use the carafe for keeping dairy products or baby food warm, because bacteria may form. To keep the lid from permanently vacu um-sealing itself shut, it was designed to not close hermetically. Since the thermos carafe may leak, you should always store and transport it in an upright position. Tip: Stubborn water deposits can be removed with a solution of baking soda, dishwasher powder or effervescent denture cleaning tablets. To prevent bad odors and bacteria from forming, store the thermos carafe with the lid open. descaling This appliance is equipped with an automatic descaling indicator. [. . . ] Termoskanne med lokk 7 PÅ/AV-tast O 8 K Indikator for lavt vannivå 9 start-knapp 10 Avkalkingsknapp med indikator calc 11 Oppbevaring av strømkabel 12 Klokke 13 Programmeringsknapp h 14 Programmeringsknapp min 15 prog -knapp 16 Skjerm (automatisk av) auto off Still inn klokkeslettet ved å trykke på knappen h for timer, og knappen min for minutter. Bruk knappen h for å angi time og knappen min for å angi minuttinnstillingen for når du vil at trakteprosessen skal starte (Fig. Viktig: Skal ikke benyttes for å holde melkeprodukter eller babymat varm, fare for bakteriedannelse. Info: Apparaten är programmerad med en automatisk avstängning auto off auto off (energispar), som efter ca. [. . . ]


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