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[. . . ] 3 How to carry out your initial installation · Reversing the direction the door opens . 35 · Mixed or regulated cold (depending on the model) . 37 · Preparing food for the refrigerator . 38 · Arranging food in your refrigerator. [. . . ] If you have any doubts, contact your installer. Your appliance is compliant with European Directives CEE/73/23 (low voltage directive), CEE/89/336 (electromagnetic compatibility) and CEE/96/57 (energy efficiency) as well as their modifications. If the appliance has been delivered to your home in a horizontal position, stand it Upright and then wait 2 hours before plugging it in. A small amount of oil may have flowed into the refrigeration circuit, and you must allow time for this to flow back towards the motor before connecting the appliance. Failure to do so may damage the appliance. The symbol appears instead of the refrigerator temperature when the function is activated. To stop the Holidays option, simply deactivate the function or set your refrigerator's temperature. door open alarm · The alarm is activated when the door remains open for more than 60 seconds. the Indicator light illuminates and the audible alarm is triggered. If this signal appears instead of the temperature, it means that the temperature sensor are probably defective. A safety procedure starts automatically to ensure that the appliance can operate but the Technical Assistance Department must be called. If this letter appears in place of the temperature, it means that there is a problem with the electricity supply. An automatic testing procedure is initiated for 5 minutes and then normal operation resumes. Your refrigerator's internal temperature is strictly dependent on the ambient temperature, How frequently the appliance's door are opened and the amount and the temperature of the Food you have placed in the refrigerator. You must therefore regularly check the temperature Indicator on your refrigerator and adjust the temperature setting if necessary. The temperatures that appear on the screen correspond to the requested temperatures and not the actual temperatures. Even when the screen is off, there is still mains power to your appliance. Mixed or regulated cold (depending on the model) This guide to installing and using Your fridge-freezer is applicable to several models. Your appliance is equipped with one or other of these functions. You can check very quickly by comparing your refrigerator to the illustrations on this page. Your appliance is equipped with a cold air ventilation system: - Mixed cold (A): the fan mixes the air - Regulated cold (B): a distribution column directs the air to every level, providing a very homogeneous temperature and avoiding any condensation forming on the shelves. Apart from these everyday advantages, we recommend that you use the fan: - When the climatic conditions are extreme (e. [. . . ] - check that the bottles or containers you have placed in your appliance are not touching each other. - ckeck whether the temperature has been set correctly as indicated in the section "Adjusting your refrigerator's temperature". - if you have put a large amount of food in your refrigerator at one time, ensure that you readjust the temperature as shown in the section on "Adjusting your refrigerator's temperature". - be careful not to open your appliance's door too often, and not to leave it open - ckeck whether the electronic card is lit. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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