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[. . . ] Ual heat after the appliance is Water level indicator (inside) 4 Filter basket with anti-drip system 5 Reservoir cover 6 Carafe stand 7 Cord storage 8 Lid 9 Stainless steel thermal carafe maximum capacity: 10 cups = approx. Remove any possibly extant labels on the unit (do not remove the rating plate). before first use Before using the coffee maker for the first time or after a long period of not using it, run the coffee maker through a complete brew cycle without ground coffee. Calc Use to activate the descaling mode and set the water hardness level. [. . . ] Press the SET button (e) to scroll through the Options (h1 = soft, h2 = normal, h3 = hard) and select the appropriate water hardness level. The pre-set water hardness disappears after 3 seconds and the time of day will show on the LED control panel. The green LED turns off after the brewing cycle is Press the STRONG button (f) to select brew strength «strong». If the STRONG button is not pressed, regular Open the reservoir cover (5). When filling the water reservoir (3) with fresh cold Water, refer to the water level indicator (inside the water reservoir) and fill to the desired number of cups. To prepare the exact amount of coffee for the Braun Thermal Mug (available separately as accessory), fill to the corresponding water mark (330 ml) inside the reservoir. Alternatively you can use the gold tone permanent filter which is available separately. Add the desired amount of ground coffee, corresponding to the number of cups being brewed. We recommend using 1 tablespoon or 1 coffee measuring scoop of ground coffee per cup, but use more or less to suit your taste. Close the water reservoir and place the carafe in its position on the carafe stand (6). Plug the cord into an electrical outlet and press the On/Off button (1). Press the START button (a) to start brewing immediately or press TIMER (b) to commence brewing at the pre-set time. Note: The anti-drip system halts the flow of coffee from the filter basket when the carafe is removed, so a cup can be poured before brewing is finished. The carafe should be returned to the carafe stand (maximum 20 seconds) to prevent the filter basket from overflowing. When using paper filters, be sure that it is completely open and fully inserted in the basket. It may help to fold and flatten the seams of the paper filter beforehand. Store ground coffee in a cool, dry and dark place in an airtight container. For the best performance from your Braun coffee maker, descale the unit regularly. Note: The maximum amount of ground coffee the coffee maker can take is 10 coffee measuring scoops or tablespoons. descaling For the best performance from your Braun coffee maker, descale the unit when the LED CALC (c) lights up solid green. Frequency will depend upon the hardness of your tap water and how often you use the coffee maker. To set water hardness see «Setting the Water Hardness Level». [. . . ] sTART does not light up Coffee is not brewing There was a power outage · Initial operation or there was a power Set clock outage The TIMER has not been set There was a power outage · oN/OFF button was not pressed And the START button was not pressed There was a power outage · sTART button was not pressed · There is no water in the reservoir The filter basket is not properly inserted The carafe was not properly positioned on carafe stand Be sure the carafe is centered directly under the filter basket The lid is not on the carafe Place the lid on the carafe Carafe was removed for more than 20 Carafe should be replaced promptly Seconds while the unit is brewing Using too much coffee grounds If using a paper filter, replace with new one. Restart the coffee brewing process with proper amount of coffee grounds (not more than 10 coffee measuring scoops or tablespoons) Using coffee that is too finely Use only coffee that is ground for drip coffee makers The coffee flow through the lid is blocked Remove the insert from the middle of the lid. Rinse the lid properly under running water Coffee is flowing out of the filter basket onto the carafe stand when the carafe is not in place There are coffee grounds at the bottom of the carafe The filter basket spring popped out during cleaning The paper filter was not inserted correctly into the filter basket Paper filter collapsed Reattach the spring to the filter basket rinse filter basket , set filter into the filter basked and restart brewing. Remove filter, rinse filter basket and restart brewing with a new paper filter Contact Braun Customer Service Please do not dispose of the product in the household waste at the end of its useful life. [. . . ]


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