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Mode d'emploi BRITAX B AGILE M
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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] If your pushchair is to be used by other people who are not familiar with it (such as grandparents), always show them how the pushchair is used. Your child's safety may be put at risk if you do not follow these instructions. Do not use any accessories which have not been approved by BRITAX RÖMER for use with the BRITAX RÖMER B-AGILE M. This will void your warranty and might cause damage to your product. [. . . ] Some floor materials contain components which release black colour pigment from the tyres which may discolour the floor. You should therefore ensure that the tyres do not stand directly on the floor. Ensure before use that the wheels are firmly attached and that they cannot be pulled off the wheel attachment. Ensure that the parking brake is engaged as you place your child in or take your child out of the pushchair. Always apply the brakes whenever the pushchair is stationary. Take special care to ensure the pushchair stands firmly and safely when using public transport. Always hold on to the pushchair when you are close to traffic or trains. Even if the brake is engaged, the draught from the vehicle can move the pushchair. Take your child out of the pushchair and fold the pushchair before you carry it on stairs or use an escalator. If using an alternative harness conforming to EN13210, D ring attachments are found on each side of the pushchair. For newborn babies or until your child can sit up unaided (around 6 months) please only carry the child in a sleeping position with the backrest in the most reclined position. Always buckle your child in the pushchair seat. For children under 6 months position the shoulder straps in the lowest slots in the backrest. As a travel system with infant carrier used in conjunction with chassis, this vehicle does not replace a cot or a bed. Should your child need to sleep, then it should be placed in a suitable pram body, cot or bed. Check that the pram body or seat unit or car seat attachment devices are correctly engaged before use. The footrest must only be used as a support for one (1) childs legs and feet or the Soft carrycot when positioned inside the seat. Do not use the cupholder to hold hot liquids (e. Placing hot liquids in the holder could result in spills and burn injuries to you and your child. Only use appropriate containers that will slot all the way to the bottom of the holder, with no more than half protruding above the top of the cupholder. Always remove beverage containers from the cupholder before disengaging the seat or prambody from the chassis to avoid chassis collapse and liquid spillage. Only park the pushchair with the brake applied. [. . . ] The hood and the seat fabric can be cleaned with a sponge and lukewarm soapy water Washing instructions can be found on all fabrics and coverings. A 100% protection from damp can be obtained by using rain protection for rain or snow. When washing the outer fabric ensure that you remove all soap or cleaning agent remains so that the treatment works most effectively. Rinse and dry the pushchair if it has been exposed to the sea or salted carriageways. [. . . ]


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