User manual CANDY CCT985/1W

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Mode d'emploi CANDY CCT985/1W
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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Before connecting the model to the electricity network: - Control the data plate (positioned inside the appliance) to ascertain that the voltage and power correspond to the network and the socket is suitable. if in doubt ask a qualified electrician. - If the power supply cable is damaged, it must be replaced with another cable or a special assembly, which may be obtained direct from the manufacturer or from the Technical Assistance Centre. -This device must be connected to the supply network through either a plug fused 3A or hardwired to a 2 fase spur protected by 3A fuse. [. . . ] We recommend the use of an air exhaust tube which has the same diameter as the air exhaust outlet hole. If a pipe with a smaller diameter is used, the efficiency of the product may be reduced and its operation may become noisier. Fixing to the wall: Drill the holes A respecting the distances indicated (Fig. Fix the appliance to the wall and align it in horizontal position to the wall units. When the appliance has been adjusted, definitely fix the hood using the screws A (Fig. For the various installations use screws and screw anchors suited to the type of wall (e. If the screws and screw anchors are provided with the product, check that they are suitable for the type of wall on which the hood is to be fixed. Fixing the decorative telescopic flue: Arrange the electrical power supply within the dimensions of the decorative flue. If your appliance is to be installed in the ducting version or in the version with external motor, prepare the air exhaust opening. Adjust the width of the support Then fix it to the ceiling using B = OFF 3) in such a way that it is in line with your C = SPEED I Hood and respecting the distance from the ceiling indicated D = SPEED II Connect the flange C to the air exhaust hole using a E = SPEED III Insert the upper flue into the lower F = AUTOMATIC STOP TIMER - 15 minutes (*) The bracket and fix it with the screws B (Fig. To transform If your appliance has the INTENSIVE speed function, from The hood from a ducting version into a filtering version, ask speed THREE, press key E for 2 seconds and it will be activated Your dealer for the charcoal filters and follow the installation for 10 minutes after which it will return to the previously When the function is active the LED flashes. Interrupt it before the 10 minutes have elapsed, press key E Some models allow activating this function even with Install the hood and the two flues as described in the pa- speed one and two. Ragraph for installation of the hood in ducting version. Assemble the filtering flue refer to the instructions contained By pressing key F for two seconds (with the hood switched If the kit is not provided, order it from your dealer off) the"clean air"function is activated. The filters must be applied to the suction unit the appliance on for ten minutes every hour at the first speed. They must be centred by turning As soon as this function is activated the motor starts up at the Them 90 degrees until the stop catch is tripped (Fig. During this time key F and key C must flash at the same time. After ten minutes the motor Switches off and the LED of key F remains switched on with A fixed light until the motor starts up again at the first speed We recommend that the cooker hood is switched on before after fifty minutes and keys F and C start to flash again for ten We also recommend that the appliance is left running for 15 minutes after the food is cooked, in order to thoroughly eliminate all contaminated air. The effective performance of the cooker hood depends on constant main- By pressing any key for the exclusion of the hood light the hood will return immediately to its normal functioning (e. If key D is pressed the "clean air" function is deactivated and the motor moves to the 2nd speed straight Tenance; the anti-grease filter and the active carbon filter both away. By pressing key B the function is deactivated). The anti-grease filter is responsible retaining the grease (*) The "automatic stop timer" delays stopping of the Particles suspended in the air, therefore it is subject to clogging with variable frequency according to the use of the Hood, which will continue functioning for 15 minutes at the operating speed set at the time this function is activated. [. . . ] For størst mulig sikkerhed, sørg for en passende ventilation af rummet. Til spesialinnsamling for elektriske og elektroniske produkter for resirkulering. man må kvitte seg med apparatet slik lokale regler for avsetting og resirkulering tilsier. For nærmere informasjon om behandling, gjenvinning og resirkulering av dette produktet må man kontakte det lokale avfallsselskap, offentlig kontor med ansvar for søppelinnsamling eller butikken der produktet ble kjøpt. [. . . ]


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