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[. . . ] It is strongly recommended to keep children away from the cooking zones while they are in operation or when they are switched off, so long as the residual heat indicator is on, in order to prevent the risks of serious burns. This appliance is not intended to be operated by means of an external timer or separate remote control system. Connect a plug to the supply cable that is able to bear the voltage, current and load indicated on the tag and having the earth contact. The socket must be suitable for the load indicated on the tag and must be having the earth contact connected and in operation. [. . . ] For this reason you should ensure good Ventilation either by keeping all natural air passages open or by installing an extractor hood with an exhaust flue. Intensive and prolonged use of the appliance may require extra ventilation, such as the opening of a window or an increase in speed of the electric fan, if you have one. If a hood can not be installed, an electric fan should be fitted to an outside wall or window to ensure that there is adequate ventilation. The electric fan should be able to carry out a complete change of air in the kitchen 3-5 times every hour. These instructions are for qualified personnel, installation of equipment must be in line with the relevant national standard. Only: by law the gas installation\commissioning must be carried out by a "Gas Safe" installer) All work must be carried out with the electricity supply disconnected. The rating plate on the hob shows the type of gas with which it is designed to be used. Connection to the mains gas supply or gas cylinder should be carried out after having checked that it is regulated for the type of gas with which it will be supplied. If it is not correctly regulated see the instructions in the following paragraphs to change For liquid gas (cylinder gas) use pressure regulators which comply with the relevant national standards. Warning - this appliance must be earthed This appliance is designed for domestic use only. Use only pipes, washers and sealing washers which comply with the relevant national standards. Supply must be made by a competant electrician, ensuring that all current regulations concerning such installations are observed. The appliance must only be connected to a suitably rated spur point, a 3 pin 13 amp plug/socket is not suitable. A double pole switch must be provided and the circuit must have appropriate fuse protection. Further details of the power requirement of the individual product will be found in the users' instruction and on the appliance rating plate. In the case of built-in product you are advised, should you wish to use a longer cable than the one supplied, that a suitably rated heat resistant type must be used. For some models a conic link is furnished to outfit for the installation in the countries where this type of link is obligatory; in picture 8 it is pointed out how to recognize the different types of links (CY = cylindrical, CO = conic). In every case the cylindrical part of the link has to be connected to the hob. When connecting the hob to the gas supply via use offlexible hoses please ensure that the maximum distance covered by the hose does not exceed 2 metres. The flexible tube shall be fitted in such a way that it cannot come into Contact with a moveable part of the housing unit (e. The wiring must be connected to the mains supply as follows: Not pass through any space where it may become crushed/ kinked or damaged in any way. To prevent any potential damage to the hob please carry out the installation following this sequence (picture 6): Note: We do not advocate the use of earth leakage devices with electric cooking appliances installed to spur points because of the «nuisance tripping» which may occur. [. . . ] Dac exist elemente cu lamp cu halogen, nu privii fix în acestea. Conecta i un techer la cablul de alimentare care s poat suporta tensiunea, curentul i sarcina indicate pe etichet i care s aib contact de împmântare. Conexiunea la o surs de alimentare poate fi realizat de asemenea prin aezarea unui disjunctor omnipolar între aparat i sursa de alimentare care s suporte sarcina maxim conectat i care s respecte legisla ia actual. Dac exist un spaiu care este accesibil între plita incorporabil i cavitatea de sub aceasta, este recomandat s fie fixat un panou de izolare (din lemn sau un material similar) (Figura 3). [. . . ]


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