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[. . . ] With these, the refrigerant circuit can be damaged, the spill from which can cause a fire or damage your eyes. Do not install the appliance in humid, oily or dusty places, nor expose it to direct sunlight and to water. Do not excessively pull or fold the power cord or touch the plug with wet hands. Do not damage the plug and/or the power cord; this could cause electrical shocks or fires. [. . . ] After a period of time frost will build up in certain areas in the freezer compartment. They could puncture the refrigerator circuit and cause irreparable damage to the unit. making Ice cubes: Ice tray Fill the ice tray with water and place in the freezer compartment. After the water has completely turned into ice, you can twist the tray as shown below to remove the ice cubes. Do not block air inlet and outlet openings when storing food, otherwise air circulation provided by the turbo fan will be impaired. Bottle holder In order to prevent bottles from slipping or falling over, you can use the bottle holder. This will also help to prevent the noise made by bottles when opening or closing the door. To reduce humidity and a consequent increase of frost, never place liquids in unsealed containers in the refrigerator. Frost tends to concentrate in the coldest parts of the evaporator and will require more frequent defrosting. Warm food should be allowed to cool at room temperature and should be arranged to ensure adequate air circulation in the refrigerator compartment. Nothing should touch on the back wall as it will cause frost and the packages can stick on the back wall. Arrange raw meat and cleaned fish (wrapped in packages or sheets of plastic) which you will use in 1-2 days, in the bottom section of the refrigerator compartment (i. Above the crisper) as this is the coldest section and will ensure the best storage conditions. The freezer is intended for storing of deep-frozen or frozen foods for long periods of time and making ice cubes. To freeze fresh food, ensure that as much of the surface as possible of food to be frozen is in contact with the cooling surface. Do not put fresh food next to already frozen food as it may thaw the frozen food. E meat, fish and mincemeat), divide them in parts you will use in one serving. Once the appliance has been defrosted replace the foods in the freezer and remember to consume them in a Never place warm food in the freezer compartment as it may cause frozen food to thaw. if no information is provided food Should not be stored for more than 3 months from the purchased date. When buying frozen foods ensure that these have been frozen at suitable temperatures and that the Frozen foods should be transported in appropriate containers to maintain the quality of the food and should be Placed in the freezer in the shortest possible time. If a package of frozen food shows the sign of humidity and abnormal swelling it is probable that it has been Previously stored at an unsuitable temperature and that the contents have deteriorated. The storage life of frozen foods depends on the room temperature, thermostat setting, how often the door is Opened, the type of food and the length of time required to transport the product from the shop to your home. [. . . ] This appliance is produced to be used in houses and it is only suitable for cooling / storing food. It is not suitable for commercial or common use and/or for storing substances except for food. Our company is not responsible for losses to be incurred in the contrary case. Installez le guide de distance en plastique (la pièce avec des ailettes noires dans le dos) en le faisant pivoter à 90°, comme montre la figure, pour éviter que la condensation ne touche le mur. [. . . ]


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