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[. . . ] During cooking, moisture may condense inside the oven cavity or on the glass of the door. To reduce this effect, wait 10-15 minutes after turning on the power before putting food inside the oven. In any case, the condensation disappears when the oven reaches the cooking temperature. Cook the vegetables in a container with a lid instead of an open tray. [. . . ] Open the oven door as infrequently as possible, because heat from the cavity disperses every time it is opened. For a significant energy saving, switch off the oven between 5 and 10 minutes before the planned end of the cooking time, and use the residual heat that the oven continues to generate. Keep the seals clean and in order, to avoid any heat dispersal outside of the cavity. If you have an electric contract with an hourly tariff, the "delayed cooking" programme makes energy saving more simple, moving the cooking process to start at the reduced tariff time slot. 6 Declaration of compliance The parts of this appliance that may come into contact with foodstuffs comply with the provisions of EEC Directive 89/109. By placing the mark on this product, we are confirming compliance to all relevant European safety, health and environmental requirements which are applicable in legislation for this product. With this the Candy Hoover Group, declares that this appliance marked with complies with the essential requirements of the Directive 2014/53/EU. To receive a copy of the declaration of conformity, please contact the manufacturer at: www. 2 Accessories (According to model) 1 Drip pan 3 Lateral wire grids Collects the residues that drip during the cooking of foods on the grills. 3 First Use PRELIMINARY CLEANING Clean the oven before using for the first time. Wash all accessories and wipe inside the oven with a solution of hot water and washing up liquid. Set the empty oven to the maximum temperature and leave on for about 1 hour, this will remove any lingering smells of newness. Function selector knob WARNING : the first operation to carry out after the oven has been installed or following the interruption of power supply (this is recognizable the display pulsating and showing 12:00 ) is setting the correct time. To alter/change the preset time press MENU and "-" "+" buttons. ?At the end of the program the program gives 3 warning signals and ?End?Set the function selector switch to "0" to return to the clock function. To switch off manually, turn the oven function selector to position O. END OF COOKING ?Enables you to set the end of cooking time ?To check the preset time push the central button 2 times ?To modify the preset time press buttons MENU + "-" "+" ?This function is typically used with ?cooking time?For example if the dish has to be cooked for 45 minutes and needs to be ready by 12:30, simply select the required function, set the cooking time to 45 minutes and the end of cooking time to 12:30. ?At the end of the cooking set time, the oven will switch off automatically and an audible alarm will ring. ?Cooking will start automatically at 11:45 (12:30 minus 45 mins) and will continue until the pre-set end-of-cooking-time, when the oven will switch itself off automatically. EN 06 ELETTRONICA ZERO WIFI FUNCTION For all the details related to the link between app and product, refer to the Quick Guide. [. . . ] Open the clamps of the hinge housing on the right and left side of the front window by pushing them downwards. Lock the hinges, remove the screws and remove the upper metal cover by pulling it upwards. Remove the glass, carefully extracting it from the oven door (NB: in pyrolytic ovens, also remove the second and third glass (if present)). At the end of cleaning or substitution, reassemble the parts in reverse order. [. . . ]


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