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[. . . ] During cooking, moisture may condense inside the oven cavity or on the glass of the door. To reduce this effect, wait 10-15 minutes after turning on the power before putting food inside the oven. In any case, the condensation disappears when the oven reaches the cooking temperature. Cook the vegetables in a container with a lid instead of an open tray. [. . . ] 1- Remove the wire racks by pulling them in the direction of the arrows (see below) 2- To clean the wire racks either put them in the dishwasher or use a wet sponge, ensuring that they are dried afterwards. 3- After the cleaning process install the wire racks in reverse order. The energy consumption is 90-95% less than traditional system. Wait for the oven to cool down before doing any cleaning by hand. Never clean your oven with abrasive cleaners, wire wool or sharp objects, or the enamel may be damaged beyond repair. Never line the oven sides with aluminium foil. GLASS PARTS We recommend you wipe clean the glass door with absorbent kitchen paper every time you use the oven. If the spattering is heavy, then you can clean with a well squeezed sponge and detergent, and rinse. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners or sharp metal scrapers to clean the oven door glass since they can scratch the surface, which may result in shattering of the glass. OVEN DOOR SEAL If this gets dirty, clean the oven seal with a slightly damp sponge. aCCESSORIES Clean them with a sponge soaked in soapy water. In order to clean the internal glass follow these instructions; Open the door of the oven. Lock the hinges as shown in Picture 2 before starting the cleaning operation. Unlock the hinges when the cleaning operation is finished. Remove the top metallic cover by pulling it upwards. Remove the glass by gently pulling it out of the door frame (Picture 5) Unscrew the glass cover, · unscrew the bulb , · Replace it with the same type: see characteristics above, · After replacing the defective bulb, screw back the protective glass cover. After cleaning the glass reassemble the parts in the reverse order of removal. ON ALL GLASES LOW-E sign must be properly readable and must be positioned on the left corner of the door, close to the left side hinge. In this way the printed surface of the 1st glass will remain INSIDE the door. PRELIMINARY CLEANING -Clean the oven before using for the first time: -Wipe over external surfaces with a damp soft cloth. -Wash all accessories and wipe inside the oven with a solution of hot water and washing up liquid. -Set the empty oven to the maximum temperature and leave on for about 1 hour, this will remove any lingering smells of newness. [. . . ] DEFROST - When the dial is set to this position. The fan circulates hot air around the frozen food so that it defrosts in a few minutes without the protein content of the food being changed or altered. the temperature is preset in 40°C constant , no regulation is possible. KEEP WARM - This is recommended to reheat precooked foodstuff, positioning the shelf on the second level from top, or to defrost bread pizza or pastry by positioning the shelf on the lower level. [. . . ]


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