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[. . . ] When cleaning or putting it away, switch off the appliance and always pull out the plug from the socket (pull the plug itself, not the lead) if the appliance is not being used and remove the attached accessories. To avoid the exposure to danger, always have a faulty cable be replaced only by the manufacturer, by our customer service or by a qualified person and with a cable of the same type. Pay careful attention to the following "Special Safety Instruc- In order to ensure your children`s safety, please keep all packaging (plastic bags, boxes, polystyrene etc. Do not allow small children to play with the foil as there is a danger of suffocation! [. . . ] This is normal and will not occur after the oven has been used a few times. the following procedure is strongly recommended: · Turn the device to the grill function and allow it to run Several times without any food inside. After removing all the accessories from inside the oven, unpack them and place the sliding ring in the middle. Position the glass plate on the drive axle in such a way that it locks into the dents of the drive shafts and is lying flat. Check the device for any visible damage, particularly in the area of the door. In order to avoid interference to other machines when the microwave oven is operated, do not place it in the direct vicinity of other electronic devices. Insert the mains plug into a properly installed 230 V, 50 Hz power socket. CAUTION: Do not remove any installed parts from inside the oven or from inside the door!Your device works with microwave radiation, which heats up water particles in food in a very short time. Press the STOP/CLEAR/CLOCK button in order to interrupt Microwaves provide their full energy levels immediately. Never operate the microwave function when the oven is The microwave oven does not replace your traditional Rapid warming/heating of food or drinks · Place the food to be heated up into suitable tableware. (For safety reasons the device only works when the door is firmly closed. Select the desired microwave power by pressing the MICROWAVE button once or several times. Power in the dis- Power Use the rotating button to set the desired cooking duration between 5 seconds and 95 minutes. The length of cooking depends on the quantity and consistency of the contents. With a little practice you will soon learn to estimate the cooking time. Cooking in the microwave oven is very much faster than in a standard cooker. If you are not sure, set the cooking time to low and continue cooking afterwards if necessary. After that time has elapsed, the device switches off and 5 buzzers are heard. If you would like to interrupt the cooking process, press the STOP/CLEAR/CLOCK button or simply open the door. If you wish to continue cooking, close the door and press the START/+30SEC. If you would like to stop the cooking process altogether, press the STOP/CLEAR/CLOCK button twice. [. . . ] The rotating ring and the inside floor of the oven should be cleaned regularly. In order to remove any unpleasant odours that may emanate from the microwave, place a dish filled with water and lemon juice that is suitable for microwave use in the oven and heat it for approximately 5 minutes. If you need to replace the lighting in the oven, please contact a specialist workshop near you. This device has been tested according to all relevant current CE guidelines, such as electromagnetic compatibility and low voltage directives, and has been constructed in accordance with the latest safety regulations. [. . . ]


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