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[. . . ] Dry off the contact socket and the storage surface with an absorbent, dry kitchen towel. ATTENTION: After use, the heating element of the device will still give off residual heat, risk of burns!Remove all packaging elements and labels, but Preparation for use Do not remove the espresso maker from the contact base during brewing!Never try to remove or re-adjust the coffee pot and the water tank or perform similar operations during the operation of the espresso maker! [. . . ] Use the espresso maker only with the provided · Do not place the contact base and the coffee contact base. If water is accidentally spilled onto the contact base, proceed as follows: – Unplug the unit from the wall socket. Wait until the boiling process is complete and the control lamp turns off. Before making more espresso, let the appliance · After that please clean the espresso maker · The espresso maker is equipped with a double- Overheating protection device EN action overheating protection device. In the event that you accidentally operate the espresso maker without water or if the water level is too low, causing the water to evaporate during boiling, the device will automatically switch off for your safety. The device will be ready to operate once it has been filled with cold water. Preparation: Stir the espresso, orange juice, brandy, and sugar into a cup. Top off the espresso with a crown of milk foam, and garnish with orange rind or cocoa powder. By swaying the pin in the safety valve you · To make cleaning easier, you can also use a · Make sure not to immerse the contact base or · Do not use any abrasives or cleaning sprays. Always let the appliance thoroughly dry, and disassemble the appliance before storing it. If the water tank has collected lime, use citric acid or vinegar to decalcify your espressomaker. Problem / Cause / Solution Problem Appliance does not work Possible cause The water tank is not properly placed on the plugged into the wall socket Solution Make sure that the central contact of the water tank is placed correctly on the central base Add more espresso powder to the filter insert The espresso lacks aroma Recipes · Espresso on ice Ingredients per person: 1 Espresso 1-2 scoops of vanilla ice cream Sweetened cream Chocolate sprinkles Preparation: The espresso is too strong and tastes bitter · Cool a freshly made espresso in a water bath (use ice cubes if necessary). Fill the cooled espresso in glasses (up to 2/3), add 1 to 2 scoops (or tablespoons) of vanilla ice cream, and garnish with sweetened cream and chocolate sprinkles. Fill each glass with 25 ml of cold milk, and carefully add hot milk and milk foam. Pouring the espresso slowly through the milk foam creates three layers (milk, espresso, milk foam). Espresso Orange Ingredients per person: 1 Espresso 2 TBSP orange juice 4 cl brandy 1 tsp sugar Milk foam Orange or cocoa powder Problem Steam escapes from between the water tank and the coffee pot You did not fill the filter insert with enough espresso powder The espresso Buy fresh powder is too espresso powder, old and seal it well before storing it The espresso Try a stronger roast of powder you espresso used is too mild You filled the Use less espresso filter insert powder with too much espresso The flavour of Try a milder the espresso roast of espresso powder you used is too strong Possible Solution cause Switch the Water tank appliance and coffee off, unplug it, pot are not perfectly and let it cool lined up and off. Screw the appliance have tilted back together 10 · A lot of steam escapes from the pressure control valve The espresso powder was compressed too much and prevents the steam from permeting. The steam, therefore, escapes from the pressure control valve Let the appliance cool off, unplug it, and fill the filter insert with espresso again. Make sure the powder is not compressed send an e-mail to service-uk@cloer. De As proof of warranty entitlement you must submit the original sales receipt with the date of sale and the dealer’s address. Without the sales receipt, the repair will be carried out at your expense without asking. The warranty does not cover damages resulting from improper use, natural wear and tear, external influences (e. [. . . ] The warranty period is 2 years starting from the date on which the product was first purchased by an end consumer. The warranty period will not be extended or begin anew or in any other way be affected by the subsequent sale, repair or replacement of the product. In order to assert a warranty claim, please contact your dealer directly. If you have questions about your product, please contact the Cloer importer in your country. [. . . ]


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