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[. . . ] MANUAL DE INSTRUCCIONES INSTRUCTION BOOKLET LAVAVAJILLAS DISHWASHER LV 6031 Attention The appliance which you have just bought is supplied not only with this instruction manual, but also with a Warranty Card Certificate, on the back of which are written the relative conditions. Please fill in the necessary details on the Card Certificate and send it to the Corberó Centre relative to the area in which the appliance is to be installed, within twenty days of the date of purchase. Carefully read this instruction manual and follow attentively the recommendations it provides, and thus benefit from years of excellent service. The appliance which you have just purchased has been very accurately controlled throughout the entire manufacturing process. [. . . ] US33 After loading your machine always close the door, as an open door can be a hazard. 31 CES09en Use of detergent Only use detergents specifically designed for use in dishwashers. Add the detergent according to the recommendations in the programme chart. As all detergents are not the same, you should also consult the instructions on the packet. If the programme has a prewash add the required detergent over the lid of the dispenser. For all programmes with prewash; place a portion of a further tablet on the lid of the detergent dispenser. Min = 15 g Max = 30 g D DE17 Insufficient quantities of detergent will produce poor washing results, whereas an excessive amount of detergent will not improve washing results and is also wasteful. Using no more than the correct amount also contributes to reducing pollution. DE02 Compact detergents with enzymes In these low-alkaline compact powders the environment unfriendly components have been replaced by natural enzymes and other more biodegradable substances. Empty the lower basket first and then the upper one; this will avoid water dripping from the upper basket onto the dishes in the lower one. You will improve drying results by leaving the dishwasher door ajar for at least 15-30 minutes as soon as the programme finishes. 33 CON04en Washing programmes Programme Degree of soil and type of load Starting position of the programme selector Required pushbuttons Recommended quantity of detergent in the on the dispenser dispenser lid Cycle description Cold prewash Main wash up to 65°C 2 cold rinses 1 hot rinse Main wash up to 65°C 1 cold rinse 1 hot rinse 1 cold rinse, (to avoid food scraps from sticking together). On/Off 25 g / Rinse and Hold On/Off / / * This is a special programme for quick washing a full load of lightly soiled dishes, glasses and crockery (except pots) so that you may re-use them promptly. Check the filters Ensure they are clean and properly positioned (see "Maintenance and cleaning"). At the end of the washing programme At the end of the programme the dishwasher will automatically stop. The On/Off indicator light remains on until the On/Off pushbutton is depressed. Check that there is rinse aid and salt Load the dishes Remove any scraps of food. Pull the lower basket out and arrange the saucepans, plates and cutlery in it. Pull the upper basket out and arrange the plates, saucers, glasses and cups etc. Switch off the dishwasher by pressing the On/Off pushbutton and open the door. When the washing programme has finished, it is recommended that the dishwasher is unplugged and the water tap turned off. In general it is not advisable to open the door while the machine is working;if the door is opened however, a safety device ensures that the machine stops. [. . . ] CA17 41 COL04en Water outlet hose connection The end of the drain hose can be connected in the following ways: 1. Hooked over the edge of the sink using the special curved plastic guide provided. CS09 Ø 18 max 100 cm The waste connection must be at a height of between 30 cm (minimum) and 100 cm (maximum) from the bottom of the dishwasher. The drain hose can face either to the right or left of the dishwasher Ensure the hose is not bent or squashed as this could prevent or slow down the discharge of water. [. . . ]


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