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[. . . ] We hope you are extremely satisfied with this new appliance and will be happy to receive your suggestions and to answer your questions. Please contact our customer service department or use our Internet site. € Before installation, ensure that the conditions of local distribution (gas type and pressure) and the settings of the appliance are compatible. € This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with impaired physical, sensory or mental capacities, or by inexperienced or untrained persons, unless they have received prior instruction or supervision in its operation by a person responsible for their safety. [. . . ] They must be replaced before the end of their guarantee (indicated on the pipe). Whatever type of connection is chosen, after installing the hob use soapy water to ensure that the connection is airtight. EN 2 / INSTALLING YOUR APPLIANCE • CHANGING THE GAS SUPPLY Note The default settings on your hob are for natural gas. The injectors required for adapting the hob to a butane/propane supply can be found in the same plastic pocket as this guide. Tip Each time you change the gas supply, tick the box corresponding to the new gas level on the label found in the plastic bag. Tip In France, this hob can also be adapted to propane/butane-air gas. The adaptation kit is supplied on request by your After-Sales Service Department. Each time you change the gas supply, you must complete the following steps: — Adapt the gas connection — Change the injectors — Adjust the hob connections. 01 Crucible Injector • Change the injectors proceeding as follows: — Remove the pan supports, heads and covers from all burners. € Using the tool provided, unscrew and remove the injectors located under each crucible (Fig. € Replace with the new gas injectors; refer to the injector positioning markers and the gas settings table at the end of this chapter. If any of the touch controls are pressed whilst the hob is locked, the key symbol will be displayed. • • UNLOCKING — Press and hold The display for 3 to 4 seconds. • Programmable direct access •(luminous dot) disappears. For either cooking zone touch control then press the — With zone turned off, press and hold touch control until the desired power level is reached (example: power level 5). This setting is automatically validated if nothing has been pressed for 2 seconds. € CLEAN LOCK — This function allows you to temporarily lock your hob while cleaning. Tip To adjust the settings faster, keep your finger on the touch control for longer. Tip Remember to unlock your hob before reusing it (see “CHILD SAFETY: UNLOCKING”). 48 3 / USING YOUR APPLIANCE EN • THE CONTROLS • SETTING THE TIMER A timer is available for all the cooking zones but can only be used for one at a time. A A B C B C With a series of presses of the touch control you can select the cooking zone to which you want the timer to apply. On/off touch controls Power level touch controls Timer touch controls • To use the timer: — Switch on the cooking zone and adjust the power level. [. . . ] Tips — We recommend cleaning the hob fittings by hand rather than in a dishwasher. If the hob is secured to the work top, check that the mounting brackets are not deformed. Check that the gaskets under the control knobs are not out of position. The ignition function is centralised and controls sparks on all of the burners all burners at the same time. [. . . ]


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