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[. . . ] Before connecting to the power supply, make sure that the voltage stated on the type plate matches the voltage of your plug socket. Always check the power cord for possible damage before using the appliance. Before you clean or maintain the appliance, switch off the appliance and pull the mains plug from the socket. Always pull directly on the plug when you disconnect the appliance from the mains. [. . . ] 1, „Assemble appliance and adjust nozzles to surface“), you can also use the appliance to vacuum furniture or non-sensitive upholstery. Also prohibited: Vacuuming of: - Persons, animals, plants, especially hair, fingers and other parts of the body as well as pieces of clothing worn on the body. 5 About the option turbo brush The bristles of the optionally included turbo brush rotate very rapidly. Switch off the vacuum cleaner before cleaning or detaching the turbo brush. Comply with the care and cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer. 6 If the appliance is defective Never use a defective appliance or operate an appliance with a defective power cord. If the power cord of this appliance is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturers, their authorised service representative or a similarly qualified person to avoid danger. Hand over a defective appliance to a specialist dealer or send it to the Dirt Devil customer service department for repairs ( Page 46, ‘International Service’). Insert the accessory included in the scope of delivery onto the handle (Fig. 2 - 10) depending on what type of surface you want to vacuum: - Furniture brush (Fig. 5) for non-sensitive upholstery, runner, mats, and the like - Floor nozzle with switch position as in Fig. In addition, change the dust filter bag at least every three months and before storing for a long period or sending the appliance. CAUTION: You can dispose of the contents of the dust filter bag with your normal domestic waste as long as it contains no substances not allowed in domestic waste. CAUTION: Never use the appliance without having inserted a dust filter bag. 26) so that it can erect itself during vacuuming and fill up optimally. 32 Clean the motor protection filter upon every filter bag change, and at least every 3 months. Rinse out the filter thoroughly with running cold or hand-warm water (Fig. 37 Clean the exhaust filter each time you clean the motor protection filter. Change the exhaust filter as soon as it has deformed or is damaged at the latest. Knock out the dirt and remove the dirt from the exhaust filter with a soft brush, e. 4 Spare parts and accessories Description 1 exhaust filter 4 dust filter bags + 1 motor protection filter 1 parquet brush 1 mini-turbo brush “Fellino” 1 midi-turbo brush 1 long, flexible crevice nozzle 1 Hard floor nozzle Accessory parts and spare parts can be reordered from: Page 46, ‘International Service’ The following accessories and spare parts can be reordered: Item number 7374001 7700022 M203-4 M219 M221 M232 M236-1 CAUTION: Only use original spare parts from the scope of delivery or those that you have purchased by reordering. 1 4 Before you send in the appliance Troubleshooting and technical data WARNING: Danger of injury! [. . . ] Problem The cleaning results are unsatisfactory in spite of the appliance working correctly. Collar brush of the floor nozzle is in a position inappropriate to the floor (Fig. Adjust the position of the collar brush to the floor via the switch on the floor nozzle (Fig. When using the optional long, flexible crevice nozzle, the appliance generates a whistling sound and the suction power drops rapidly. [. . . ]


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