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[. . . ] € The minimum safety distance between the cooker top and the extractor hood is 650 mm (some models can be installed at a lower height, please refer to the paragraphs on working dimensions and installation). € Check that the mains voltage corresponds to that indicated on the rating plate fixed to the inside of the hood. € For Class I appliances, check that the domestic power supply guarantees adequate earthing. Connect the extractor to the exhaust flue through a pipe of minimum diameter 120 mm. [. . . ] Instead it shall be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of this product. For more detailed information about recycling of this product, please contact your local city office, your household waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product. Wall marking: • Draw a vertical line on the supporting wall up to the ceiling, or as high as practical, at the centre of the area in which the hood will be installed. € Draw a horizontal line at 650 mm above the hob for installation without the back panel, or at height H (height of the visible part of the panel) for installation with the back panel. 1 on the wall as shown about 1-2 mm from the ceiling or upper limit, aligning the centre (notch) with the vertical reference line. 1 on the wall as shown at X mm below the first bracket (X = height of the upper chimney section supplied), aligning the centre (notch) with the vertical line. 1 as shown 109, 5 mm from the vertical reference line and 190 mm above the horizontal reference line. REAR PANEL (OPTIONAL) The Rear Panel must be fitted before fixing the hood body and, if it is to be fixed at both top and bottom, must be fitted at the correct height prior to installing the bases. As this operation is rather complex, it should be carried out either by the kitchen installer or a qualified person who knows the final dimensions of the units. For fixing at the top only, proceed as follows: • Rest the back panel on the base, inserting the lower plate between the upper surface and the wall, centring it on the vertical reference line. Com manuals search engine 1 13 3 Mounting the hood body • Screw the two screws 12d supplied onto the brackets 7. € Use the adjusting screws 12d underneath the hood to level the hood body. 1 Connections DUCTED VERSION AIR EXHAUST SYSTEM When installing the ducted version, connect the hood to the chimney using either a flexible or rigid pipe ø 150 or 125 mm, the choice of which is left to the installer. € To install a ø 125 mm air exhaust connection, insert the reducer flange 9 on the hood body air outlet and the adapting ring ø120-125 10 on the reducer flange. € Fix the pipe in position using sufficient pipe clamps (not supplied). ø 150 ø 125 9 10 RECIRCULATION VERSION AIR OUTLET • Push fit the air outlet fitting 15 onto the air outlet of the hood body. 15 • Ensure that the activated charcoal filters have been inserted. Com manuals search engine 1 14 4 ELECTRICAL CONNECTION • Connect the hood to the mains through a two-pole switch having a contact gap of at least 3 mm. € Remove the grease filters (see paragraph Maintenance) being sure that the connector of the feeding cable is correctly inserted in the socket placed on the side of the fan. [. . . ] € When refitting the filters, make sure that the handle is visible on the outside. Activated charcoal filter (Recirculation version) These filters are not washable and cannot be regenerated, and must be replaced approximately every 4 months of operation, or more frequently with heavy usage. REPLACING THE ACTIVATED CHARCOAL FILTER • • • • Remove the metal grease filters Remove the saturated activated charcoal filter as shown (A). € Unscrew the bulbs and replace them with new ones having the same characteristics. [. . . ]


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