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[. . . ] Keep in mind that installations with different types of fastening systems from those supplied, or which are not compliant, can cause electrical and mechanical seal danger. Do not install the hood outdoors and do not expose it to atmospheric elements (rain, wind, etc. ELECTRICAL SAFETY The electrical system to which the hood is to be connected must be in accordance with local standards and supplied with earthed connection in compliance with safety regulations 10 in the country of use. It must also comply with European standards regarding radio antistatic properties. [. . . ] Before connecting the hood to the electrical mains power supply, check that: • voltage supply corresponds with what is reported on the data plate located inside the hood; • the electrical system is compliant and can withstand the load (see the technical specifications located inside the hood); • the power supply plug and cable do not come into contact with temperatures exceeding 70 °C; • the power supply system is effectively and properly connected to earth in compliance with regulations in force; • the socket used to connect the hood is within reach. In case of: • devices fitted with cables without a plug: the type of plug to use is a ''standardised'' one. The wires must be connected as follows: yellow-green for earthing, blue for neutral and brown for the phase. € fixed equipment not provided with a power supply cable and plug, or any other device that ensures disconnection from the electrical mains, with an opening gap of the contacts that enables total disconnection in overvoltage category III conditions. Said disconnection devices must be provided in the mains power supply in compliance with installation regulations. The Manufacturer declines all responsibility for failure to comply with the safety regulations. ENGLISH After the stainless steel hood has been installed, it will need to be cleaned to remove any residues remaining from the protection adhesive as well as any grease and oil stains which, if not removed, can cause irreversible damage to the hood surface. To properly clean the unit, the manufacturer recommends using the supplied moist wipes, which are also available sold separately. Disconnect the main switch when the equipment is not used for long periods of time. FUMES DISCHARGE HOOD WITH INTERNAL RECIRCULATION (FILTERING) In this model, the air passes through the zeolite-carbon filters to be purified and recycled in the environment. Ensure that the active carbon filters are assembled into the hood, if not, install them as indicated in the assembly instructions. In this version the check valve must not be assembled: remove it if it is on the air outlet fitting of the motor. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS only intended for qualified personnel The hood can be installed in various configurations. The generic assembly steps apply to all installations; for each case, follow the specific steps provided for the required installation. Microwave ovens), which could interfere with the radio control and with the hood electronics. The maximum operating distance is 5 metres, that may vary according to the presence of electromagnetic interferences. The radio control consists of two parts: - the receiver built into the hood; - the transmitter shown here in the figure. DESCRIPTION OF TRANSMITTING COMMANDS UP Motor switch-on and speed increase from 1 to 4. Light ON-OFF Short impulse: turn light on and off Long impulse: change light tone from 2700K to 5600K TIMER ON: The motor automatically switches off after 15 min. The function is automatically disabled if the motor is switched off ( key) Command transmission active RADIO CONTROL CODE CHANGE With only one radio control, go directly to point 2. With several radio controls in the same room, a new code can be created by following the procedure below. 1) - CREATE A NEW CODE The procedure is to be carried out on the radio control. [. . . ] BORTSKAFFELSE VED ENDT LEVETID Symbolet med den overstregede affaldsspand, der er gengivet på deres apparat, betyder at produktet indgår i kategorien WEEE, dvs, “Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment" (affald af elektriske og elektroniske produkter) hvorfor det ikke må bortskaffes sammen med dagrenovationen som almindeligt affald, men skal behandles særskilt for at kunne genanvendes, eller undergå særlig behandling for udskillelse af eventuelt skadelige dele/stoffer, der bortskaffes med respekt for miljøet. Korrekt bortskaffelse af dette produkt medvirker til at spare værdifulde resurser og undgå potentielle negative påvirkninger for folkesundheden og omgivelserne, som omvendt kan forårsages af en ukorrekt bortskaffelse af affaldet. kontakt venligst de lokale myndigheder , for at indhente yderligere oplysninger om det nærmeste indsamlingspunkt. Der kan være fastsat bøder for ukorrekt bortskaffelse af denne type affald i den nationale lovgivning. [. . . ]


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