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[. . . ] Should the product be sold or transferred to other persons, ensure it is accompanied by its instructions. We ask that you carefully read these recommendations before installing and using the product. This manual gives indications to maintain the aesthetical and functional qualities of the oven unaltered. - 1935/2004/CE Materials intended to come into contact with food (Regulation) - 2002/95/CE Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (Directive) - 2002/40/CE Energy labelling of household electric ovens (Directive) You can also visit our website: www. [. . . ] TURN ON SIGNALLER (GREEN) (if provided): This light switches on when the oven is operating and it remains on during the whole coking period. In electric ovens it is possible to use the roasting-jack coupled with the functioning of the grill or of the oven. Place the food to be cooked on the spit-pole, blocking it with the two forks, being careful not to strain the starter with too heavy loads, and then proceed as follows: 1) Place the frame inside the third guide starting from the bottom. 4) Introduce the frame with the food on the spit-pole until the pole point is inside the hole located on the oven rear wall. 5) Once cooking is completed, tighten the plastic handle to the spit to be able to extract it. Position a pan on the first guide from the bottom and pour some water to limit the formation of smoke. FUNCTIONS LIST Increase of the number on the display Decrease of the number on the display Setting of cooking duration and end Once it is on, the time of the day and the AUTO icon flash on the screen and the oven will be deactivated by the timer. When the time has been set, wait five seconds or press + and ­ simultaneously to exit this mode. 1) Press MENU and the icon of the alarm flashes in minutes format (ex. To start cooking immediately, only the duration of cooking needs Example: we want to cook for 2 h and 15' starting now: 1) The actual time is 18:30. 2) Press MENU twice to enter the "cooking duration" function. 3) Press the + or ­ buttons to set the cooking duration, For example 2h and 15'. Within 5 seconds, the screen will display again the current time and the AUTO icon which It remains fixed on the screen fig. Cooking will start and stop when the set buzzer time has passed (in this case 2h and 15'). If you do not wish to start cooking immediately, you can program the time in which you want cooking to end. After having set the duration of cooking as previously explained, press MENU 3 times entering the cooking end function. Example: We want the food to be cooked at 20:45: 1) Press MENU 3 times until "End" and the time of the end of cooking appear on the screen. In the example, the time for the end of cooking will be: (18:30 + 2:15 = 20:45) (fig. 15) 2) Press + or ­ to program the time for the end of cooking (fig. Example recapitulation: Having programmed the timer so that the food is ready at 21:30 and since the duration of 2h 15' was previously set, cooking will begin at 19:15, it will last 2 hours and 15 minutes and it will end at 21:30. The figure 18 shows how the screen is displayed when cooking starts The figure 19 shows how the screen is displayed when cooking ends The timer blocks the oven until entering manual setting mode (see paragraph 3. The buzzer will ring for 7 minutes if it is not deactivated by pressing any button. [. . . ] To clean and preserve the stainless steel surfaces, always use only specific products without abrasives. Use instructions: pour the product on to a damp cloth and wipe the internal surface of the oven, accurately rinse and dry with a soft cloth. Never use metal sponges or sharp scrapers, the surfaces may be damaged. Use normal products for steel, non abrasive, eventually using tools made of plastic or wood material. [. . . ]


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