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[. . . ] Adjust belts to get a snug fit TO AVOID BURNS, never put hot around your child. AVOID FINGER ENTRAPMENT TO PREVENT TIPPING, do not Use care when folding and 3 unfolding the stroller. The stroller is fully erected and latched before allowing your DO NOT use storage basket as a child near the stroller. Stroller or your child may fall NEVER PLACE child in the stroller out. [. . . ] Check that stroller is completely open (by trying to fold it) before continuing. Push up on the locking tab to lock the collar and wheel assembly as shown. Push each wheel assembly onto the frame until it locks in position over the spring pin as shown. Check that wheels are securely attached by pulling on wheel assemblies. 18 3-E Child’s Tray •  Plateau pour enfant •  Bandeja para niños Always secure your child with the seat belt. Use care when snapping the tray on the stroller with a child in the stroller. Always ensure that the child tray is securely attached to the stroller by pulling the tray. Remove the Child Tray: Press the tray latches, then pull the tray away from the frame. 20 3-F Canopy  • Baldaquin • Capota Push the canopy mounts onto the frame mounts until they lock in position. 21 Pull flap forward to open and backward to close canopy window. To close, slide shoulder strap connectors onto waist straps and insert into buckle. Use slide adjuster at sho waist for further adjustm Repeat on other side. Use either shoulder harness anchor in the slots that are closest to child’s shoulder height. 28 4-B To Recline • Pour incliner • Para reclinar Fabric caught in the latches may prevent them from locking. When returning seat to upright position, do not allow fabric to be pinched in the latch. When making adjustments to the stroller seat, make sure child’s head, arms, and legs are clear of moving seat parts and stroller frame. ADVERTENCIA To recline, pull both latches toward the center of the seat back until the seat back releases. 29 To raise, lift the seat back and push it into the frame until both sides are latched. 32 4-E To Attach Graco® Infant Car Seat  •  Pour fixer le dispositif de retenue pour bébé Graco® •  Cómo instalar el asiento de automóvil para bebé Graco® For models that do not come with an infant car seat one may be purchased separately. WARNING Use only a Graco® SnugRide® Click Connect™ car seat with this stroller. [. . . ] € IF STROLLER BECOMES WET, open canopy and allow to dry thoroughly before storing. It is important to get the oil into the axle and wheel assembly as illustrated. € WHEN USING YOUR STROLLER AT THE BEACH completely clean your stroller afterward to remove sand and salt from mechanisms and wheel assemblies. ) To purchase parts or accessories or for warranty information in the United States, please contact us at the following: In Para comprar piezas o accesorios o para obtener información sobre la garantía en los Estados Unidos, por favor comuníquese con nosotros en: www. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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