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[. . . ] Noise emission to the environment according to the European Community’s Directive. The product’s emission is specified in Technical data on page 13 and on the label. 11) Note: Other symbols/decals on the product refer to certification requirements for other commercial areas. Euro V Emissions WARNING: Tampering with the engine voids the EU type-approval of this product. [. . . ] Slide the knobs up towards the handle until they stop and a click is heard. Put the top part of the grass catcher onto the lower part of the grass catcher. Put the lower part of the grass catcher into the grass discharge channel. Operation Introduction WARNING: Before you operate the product, you must read and understand the safety chapter. Move the product a minimum of 3 m (10 ft) from the position where you filled the tank before a start. Move the cutting height lever rearward to increase the cutting height. To use the drive on the wheels (LC 140S) • • • Push the drive bail in the direction of the handlebar. 30) Before you pull the product rearward, disengage the drive and push the product forward approximately 10cm. Release the drive bail to disengage the drive, for example when you go near an obstacle. To stop the product • • To stop the drive only, release the drive bail. A blunt blade gives an irregular result and the cut surface of the grass 10 801 - 004 - 04. Examine the result and lower the cutting height to an applicable • level. Maintenance Introduction WARNING: Before you do maintenance, you must read and understand the safety chapter. For all servicing and repair work on the product, special training is necessary. If your dealer is not a service agent, speak to them for information about the nearest service agent. Maintenance Do a general inspection Examine the oil level Clean the product Examine the cutting equipment Examine the cutting cover* Examine the engine brake handle* Examine and adjust the drive (clutch wire) Examine the muffler* Examine the spark plug Change the oil (the first time after 5 h use, then after each 50 h use) Change the air filter Examine the fuel system Maintenance schedule The maintenance intervals are calculated from daily use of the product. For maintenance identified with * see instructions in Safety devices on the product on page 8. Daily X X X X X X X Weekly Monthly X X X X X To do a general inspection • Make sure that all nuts and screws on the product are tightened correctly. CAUTION: If the product is put with the air filter down, the engine can become damaged. To clean the product externally • • • • Use a brush to remove leaves, grass and dirt. Make sure that the air intake on the top of the engine is not blocked. If you use water to clean the product, do not flush water directly on the engine. [. . . ] € Sådan mindsker du risikoen for uønsket materiale på tændrørets elektroder, følg disse instruktioner: a) Sørg for, at omdrejningstallet i tomgang er indstillet korrekt. Certifikatet har numrene: 01/901/226 Huskvarna, 2019-12-15 Claes Losdal, udviklingschef/haveprodukter (autoriseret repræsentant for Husqvarna AB og ansvarlig for teknisk dokumentation) 801 - 004 - 04. Kui toodet enam ei kasutata, toimetage see Husqvarna edasimüüjale või kõrvaldage see taaskasutuskeskuses. ADVARSEL: Brukes hvis det er fare for personskade eller død for føreren eller andre personer om instruksjonene i håndboken ikke følges. [. . . ]


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