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[. . . ] Noise emission to the environment according to the European Community’s Directive. The product’s emission is specified in the Technical data chapter and on the label. The exhaust fumes from the engine contain carbon monoxide, an odourless, poisonous and very dangerous gas. 2) WARNING: Careless or incorrect use can result in serious or fatal injury to the operator or others. [. . . ] The next time you start the product when the engine is cold, press the primer bulb 3 times. A blunt blade gives an irregular result and the cut surface of the grass becomes yellow. Examine the result and lower the cutting height to an applicable level. € • 808 - 004 - 11 Maintenance Introduction WARNING: Before you do maintenance, you must read and understand the safety chapter. For all servicing and repair work on the product, special training is necessary. If your dealer is not a service agent, speak to them for information about the nearest service agent. Maintenance Do a general inspection Examine the oil level Clean the product Examine the cutting equipment Examine the cutting cover and protective cover* Examine the engine brake handle* Examine the battery* Examine the muffler* Examine the spark plug Change the oil (the first time after 5 h use, then after each 50 h use) Change the air filter (after 50 h use) Examine the fuel system Maintenance schedule WARNING: For model LC 347VI, LC 353VI, always remove the battery before you do maintenance, repairs or clean the product. The maintenance intervals are calculated from daily use of the product. For maintenance marked with * see instructions in Safety devices on the product on page 8. Daily X X X X X X X X X X X X CAUTION: If the product is put with the air filter down, the engine can become damaged. Weekly Monthly To do a general inspection • Make sure that all nuts and screws on the product are tightened correctly. To clean the product externally • • • • Use a brush to remove leaves, grass and dirt. Make sure that the air intake on the top of the engine is not blocked. If you use water to clean the product, do not flush water directly on the engine. To examine the cutting equipment WARNING: To prevent accidental start remove the ignition cable from the spark plug. WARNING: Use protective gloves when you do maintenance on the cutting equipment. If you hit an obstacle that causes the product to stop, replace the damaged blade. Let the service center estimate if the blade can be sharpened or must be replaced. To replace the engine oil WARNING: Engine oil is very hot directly after the engine is stopped. Fill with new engine oil of the type recommended in Technical data on page 15. When you attach the new blade, point the angled ends of the blade in the direction of the cutting cover. Make sure that the blade is aligned with the center of the engine shaft. [. . . ] € Undersøk klippedekselet for å sikre at det ikke er noen skader, for eksempel sprekker. Skyv hastighetsspaken forover for å øke hastigheten og bakover for å redusere hastigheten. Løsne sikkerhetsbøylen for å frakoble driften, for eksempel når du går nær en hindring. Flytt spaken for klippehøyde bakover for å redusere klippehøyden. [. . . ]


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