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[. . . ] Om Du säljer Din maskin, se till att överlåta bruksanvisningen till den nya ägaren. Se till att startspärren lätt återgår till ursprungsläget efter aktivering. ) Anmält organ: 0404, SMP Svensk Maskinprovning AB, Box 7035, SE-750 07 Uppsala, Sverige, har utfärdat rapporter om bedömning av överensstämmelse enligt bilaga VI till RÅDETS DIREKTIV av den 8 maj 2000 angående emissioner av buller till omgivningen 2000/14/EG. Sørg for, at ingen uvedkommende opholder sig inden for arbejdsområdet. [. . . ] Never allow children or other persons not trained in the use of the machine to use or service it. The machine should not be used by people with reduced physical or mental capacities or people who are unsuitable for health reasons to operate the machine, without supervision of a person responsible for their safety. Never allow anyone else to use the machine without first ensuring that they have read and understood the contents of the operator’s manual. Never use the machine if you are fatigued, while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, medication or anything that could affect your vision, alertness, coordination or judgement. Unauthorized modifications and/or accessories may lead to serious injury or death to the user or others. Under no circumstances may the design of the machine be modified without the permission of the manufacturer. Do not modify this product or use it if it appears to have been modified by others. Carry out the checks, maintenance and service instructions described in this manual. Some maintenance and service measures must be carried out by trained and qualified specialists. General safety precautions This section describes basic safety directions for using the machine. This information is never a substitute for professional skills and experience. € Please read the operator’s manual carefully and make sure you understand the instructions before using the machine. Keep in mind that the operator is responsible for accidents or hazards occurring to other people or their property. Always use common sense It is not possible to cover every conceivable situation you can face. If you get into a situation where you feel unsafe, stop and seek expert advice. This field may under some circumstances interfere with active or passive medical implants. To reduce the risk of serious or fatal injury, we recommend persons with medical implants to consult their physician and the medical implant manufacturer before operating this machine. Objects hitting against the cutting attachment could be thrown and cause damage to people and objects. Never use the machine in bad weather, for instance in fog, in rain, damp or in wet locations, strong winds, intense cold, risk of lightning, etc. Working in bad weather is tiring and can lead to dangerous conditions, e. Observe your surroundings to ensure that nothing can affect your control of the machine. • • 78 – English OPERATING • • Beware of roots , stones , twigs , pits , ditches etc. [. . . ] € • Variable Speed (LC347V, LC347VI, LC353V, LC353VI) Adjust the speed of the above models by moving the control lever rearward for slow drive and forward for fast drive. Note that the lowest position can be engaged only Fuel system • • Check that the fuel cap and its seal are not damaged. English – 83 TECHNICAL DATA Technical data LC 247 Engine Engine manufacturer Cylinder displacement, cm3 Speed, rpm Nominal engine output, kW (see note 1) Ignition system Spark plug Electrode gap, mm Fuel and lubrication system Fuel tank capacity, litre *Engine oil Weight Machine with empty tanks, kg Noise emissions (see note 2) Sound power level, measured dB(A) Sound power level, guaranteed LWA dB(A) Sound levels (see note 3) Sound pressure level at the operators ear, dB(A) Vibration levels, a hveq (see note 4) Handle, m/s2 Cutting system Cutting height, mm Cutting width, cm Cutter Article number Bagger capacity, litre Drive Speed, km/h Starting Electric starter Battery Note 1: The power rating of the engine indicated is the average net output (at specified rpm) of a typical production engine for the engine model measured to SAE standard J1349/ISO1585. Actual power output for the engine installed on the final machine will depend on the operating speed, environmental conditions and other values. [. . . ]


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