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[. . . ] 13 After-Sales Service 14 Techincal data 15 Environmental concerns 15 Installation 16 IKEA GUARANTEE 17 Safety Information Before using the appliance, read these safety instructions. These instructions and the appliance itself provide important safety warnings, to be observed at all times. The manufacturer declines any liability for failure to observe these safety instructions, for inappropriate use of the appliance or incorrect setting of controls. Very young children (0-3 years) should be kept away from the appliance. [. . . ] Ͽ light period • will salt indicator the endsupplied. € Press button WATER the level of detergent, The current Operation and the not flash at solution or grains of salt can lead to corrosion, rinse aid quantity to be number s. € harmful detergents times or chlorine, products arePress button three that do a beep will phosphates of time of time between 1 and 12 DELAY DELAY AUTO min* To achieve supplied. 50°- 60° 9 9 Switch Water may for Switch it asymbol the ON/OFF NATURALDRY ENGLISH DELAYcorresponding delayeddetergent, rinse aid liquid andresults also depend on the products are harmful to the environment. Or Water Hardness correct amount of chlorine, is these on using The starttheThe startbutton: the button: the corresponding for stainless steel components. Time Press the of the program may be auseof «h» Door opening system NaturalDry issalt is required. Time be delayed «h» symbol period period Good washing system NaturalDry as a drying system thesystem refined DELAY Door heating element may Press the 1. Ͽ level guarantee applicable Water HardnessSwitch it off are opening by such a convection current selection level °fH number detergent being Intensive of appears time between between is convection hours. On the and amount of bein Door opening system timedisplay; eachatime you NaturalDry 1 DELAY of the and 12 as and 12 each drying system Table detergentopens used. 65° washing results also end of cycle correctrinse aid indicato usingwhich caused Level not during/after drying detergents that do Good button, the button, door be Whenever you need to add salt, DELAY on the display; °dH timeIfyou press°fH NaturalDryZERO (ECO), no rinse aid will during/after9 to select the level of rinse aid quanti it is complete WATER HARDNESS TABLE). Programdegrees12h)Frenchtheawhichofis setNaturalDry the opens thedoes not °dHphasedependeffective ENGLISH dooraetc. 12h) 9 to rinse Setting automatically level to • Press result in button circumstances. The or from «h» ensure exceptionalexceptional drying convection drying systemat system time the German be delayed period Exceeding the which automaticallyThe 2h, the DELAYcorresponding be delayed for°dH these Exceeding the system to the environment. Degreesa to French at opens the to button: to corresponding aidstart as are performance everyGerman time to add salt, itof2h, during/after «h» startphasesymbol productsdrying stated is a performanceDoor opensDoor 1. Theneed (1h, startbutton:is may Level maycompleteofThe Door opening AID°fH NaturalDry amount be lit if you Press time of the the washing cycle. From for asymbol degrees RINSE system harmfuldetergent being convection drying opens DELAY program mandatory to drying ensure indicator light will not day. Will be N/A a the procedure before you beginning of Whenever the LOW level Fast wash 50° aid set 30’ kitchen s. Button, - If degrees aidFrenchis is safe to yoursafe to door during/after9 to phase 10 drying 12 every Germanthe rinse 0the Hardnessand on washthe hours. The Good the the temperature depend on Soft be the the drying you press youDoor press Soft 6 which automaticallydegrees NaturalDry1 of 5 levelstheenvironmental notit off you not result theensure exceptional thebeginning of time 0will be cycle. «h»the START/PAUSE Thewhich automatically wash designed protection if protection9 tois according • the soil LOW can be adjusted to Switchlevel. Ͽ wash protection, special designed drying the 2h, to 12h) from start used. 1is safeprogram , kitchenstart of«h»-As of exceptionalexceptional drying convection drying system to 12h) 1. [. . . ] IKEA appointed Service Provider will examine the product and decide, at its sole discretion, if it is covered under this guarantee. If considered covered, IKEA Service Provider or its authorized service partner through its own service operations, will then, at its sole discretion, either repair the defective product or replace it with the same or a comparable product. For appliances which are purchased in one EU country and taken to another EU country, the services will be provided in the framework of the guarantee conditions normal in the new country. An obligation to carry out services in the framework of the guarantee exists only if the appliance complies and is installed in accordance with: - the technical specifications of the country in which the guarantee claim is made; - the Assembly Instructions and User Manual Safety Information. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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