User manual INDESIT I55TM 4110 S

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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] These instructions and the appliance itself provide important safety warnings, to be observed at all times. The manufacturer declines any liability for failure to observe these safety instructions, for inappropriate use of the appliance or incorrect setting of controls. Very young children (0-3 years) should be kept away from the appliance. Young children (3-8 years) should be kept away from the appliance unless continuously supervised. [. . . ] eNERGY SAVING TIPS Install the appliance in a dry, well ventilated room far away from any heat source (eg. Insufficient ventilation at the back of the product increases energy consumption and decreases cooling efficiency. The internal temperature of the appliance and the Energy Consumption may be affected also by the ambient temperature, as well as location of the appliance. The low temperature of the frozen products cools the food in the refrigerator. Allow warm food and drinks to cool down before placing in the appliance. Positioning of the shelves in the refrigerator has no impact on the efficient usage of energy. Food should be placed on the shelves in such way to ensure proper air circulation (food should not touch each other and distance between food and rear wall should be kept). You can increase storage capacity of frozen food by removing baskets and, if present, Stop Frost shelf. Do not worry about noises coming from the compressor which are normal operation noises. Plastic scraper After a period of time frost will build up in certain areas in the freezer compartment. They could puncture the refrigerator circuit and cause irreparable damage to the unit. All written and visual descriptions in the accessories may vary according to the appliance model. Putting food in the coldest area of the refrigerator Your foods will be better stored if you put them in the most appropriate cooling area. To be sure to have a low temperature in this area, make sure the shelf is located at the level of this symbol, as shown in the illustration. In order to help you better set your refrigerator, we have equipped it with a temperature indicator located in the coldest area. You can easily check that the temperature of the coldest area is appropriate: when the indicator shows "OK", it means the thermostat is set properly and the inside temperature is correct. Since "OK" appears in black, it will be difficult to see this indication if the temperature indicator is badly lit. To be able to see this indication properly, there should be enough light. If the "OK" symbol does not appear, it means that the temperature is too high: you will then have to modify the thermostat setting, and wait 12 hours before visually checking the temperature again. NOTE: Following repeated openings (or prolonged opening) of the door or after putting fresh food into the appliance, it is normal for the indication "OK" not to appear in the temperature setting indicator. If there is an abnormal ice crystals build up (bottom wall of the appliance) on the refrigerator compartment evaporator (overloaded appliance, high room temperature, frequent door openings), put the temperature setting device on a lower position until compressor off periods are obtained again. The upper limit of the coldest area is indicated by the lower side of the sticker (head of the arrow). [. . . ] bEFORE CALLING YOUR AFTER SALES SERVICE If your refrigerator is not working properly, it may be a minor problem, therefore check the following, before calling an electrician to save time and money. There is no power , · The general switch in your home is disconnected , · The socket is not sufficient. To check this, plug in another appliance that you know which is working You have not overloaded the appliance , · The doors are closed perfectly , · There is no dust on the condenser , · There is enough place at the rear and side walls. If there is noise ; The cooling gas which circulates in the refrigerator circuit may make a slight noise(bubbling sound) even when the compressor is not running. [. . . ]


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