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[. . . ] CAUTION: Accessible parts of the hood may become hot when used with cooking appliances. For lamp replacement use only lamp type indicated in the Maintenance/Replacing lamps section of this manual. Do not connect the appliance to the mains until the installation is fully complete. With regards to the technical and safety measures to be adopted for fume discharging it is important to closely follow the regulations provided by the local authorities. [. . . ] If provided with a plug connect the hood to a socket in compliance with current regulations and positioned in an accessible area, after installation. Replacing the power cable The hood is provided with a special power cable ; if the cable is damaged, request a new one from Technical Service. AIR VENT (for the suction versions) Connect the hood and discharge holes on the walls with a diameter equivalent to the air outlet (connection flange). Using the tubes and discharge holes on walls with smaller dimensions will cause a diminution of the suction performance and a drastic increase in noise. Use a duct with as few elbows as possible (maximum elbow angle: 90°). The company declines any responsibility whenever these regulations are not respected. To use the hood in filtering version the special ACCESSORY KIT must be installed. Check on the first pages of this manual if the ACCESSORY KIT is furnished or must be bought separately. Note: If furnished, in certain cases, the additional activated carbon filtering system may be installed on the hood. Information about the conversion of the hood from suction version to filtering version is present in this manual. Ducting version In this case the fumes are conveyed outside of the building by means of a special pipe connected with the connection ring located on top of the hood. Diameter of the exhausting pipe must be equal to that of the connection ring. In the horizontal runs the exhausting pipe must be slightly slanted (about 10°) and directed upwards to vent the air easily from the room to the outside. If the hood is supplied with active charcoal filter, then it must be removed. Filter version The aspirated air will be degreased and deodorised before being fed back into the room. In order to use the hood in this version, you have to install a system of additional filtering based on activated charcoal. 18 CONTROLS The hood is fitted with a control panel with aspiration speed selection control and a light switch to control cooking area lights. It is recommended that the cooker hood suction is switched on for 5 minutes prior to cooking and to leave in operation during cooking and for another 15 minutes approximately after terminating cooking. maintenance of the charcoal filter It absorbs unpleasant odours caused by cooking. The saturation of the charcoal filter occurs after more or less prolonged use, depending on the type of cooking and the regularity of cleaning of the grease filter. In any case it is necessary to replace the cartridge at least every four mounths (or when the filter saturation indication system – if envisaged on the model in possession – indicates this necessity). Assembly Hook the charcoal filter at the back on the metal tongue of the hood first, then on the front with the two knobs. [. . . ] Replace the charcoal filter(s) when necessary to maintain a good odour reduction efficiency. Clean the grease filter(s) when necessary to maintain a good grease filter efficiency. Use the maximum diameter of the ducting system indicated in this manual to optimize efficiency and minimize noise. 5FAMX 62, 3-114, 8 72, 7-114, 8 89, 8 45 15-12, 5-12 Please check the plate in order to verify the total absorption and the light absorption. [. . . ]


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