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[. . . ] Scope of delivery The scope of delivery of the device is illustrated on the packaging. In the event of missing accessories or any transport damage, please contact your dealer. Safety Devices ṇ  CAUTION Safety installations serve the protection of the user and may not be modified or bypassed. Proper use Use this pressure washer for private households only: – for cleaning machines, vehicles, buildings, tools, facades, terraces, gardening tools, etc. [. . . ] Illustration  Screw the coupling element to the water connection on the appliance. σ Attach the water supply hose to the coupling on the water connection. Drawing in water from open reservoirs This high-pressure cleaner is suited to work with the KÄRCHER suction hose with backflow valve (Optional accessory, order no. Note: With vacuuming operation, the coupling for the water connection is not required. σ Screw the suction hose into the water connection of the appliance and insert it into the water source (e. Bleed the device as follows prior to operation:  Turn on the appliance “I/ON”. High pressure operation ṇ CAUTION Keep a distance of at least 30 cm when using the jet for cleaning painted surfaces to avoid damage. ATTENTION Car tyres, paint or sensitive surfaces such as wood should not be cleaned with the dirt blaster, as there is a risk of damage. Illustration  Push the spray lance into the trigger gun and fasten it by a 90° rotation. Note: Release the lever of the trigger gun; the device will switch off again. Full Control System The pressure indicator on the trigger gun shows the currently set pressure level during operation with a Full Control spray lance. Note: The pressure indicator is not significant during operation with the T-Racer and other accessories. Pressure level HARD For example, recommended for Stone terraces made of paving stones or exposed aggregate concrete, asphalt, metal surfaces, garden utensils (wheelbarrow, spade, etc. ) MEDIUM Motorcar / motorcycle, brick surfaces, plastered walls, plastic furniture SOFT Wooden surfaces, bicycles, sand stone surfaces, rattan furniture Operation with detergent MIX ATTENTION The sensitivity of the materials can strongly differ depending on the age and the condition. EN – 7 13 Operation with detergent Most KÄRCHER detergents can be bought ready to use in a Plug 'n' Clean detergent bottle. Note: Detergent can only be added when the device is operated in low pressure mode. ƽ DANGER When using detergents, the material data safety sheet issued by the detergent manufacturer must be adhered to, especially the instructions regarding personal protective equipment. σ Remove the cap of the Plug 'n' Clean detergent bottle. Illustration * Optional accessories  Push the detergent bottle with the opening pointing downwards into the connection for the Plug 'n' Clean detergent. σ Turn the spray lance towards "MIX" until the the LED "MIX" is on on the pressure indicator of the trigger gun. Recommended cleaning method  Spray the detergent sparingly on the dry surface and allow it to react, but not to dry. After operation with detergent  Remove the Plug 'n' Clean detergent bottle from the intake and close it with the lid. [. . . ] Flow rate Detergent flow rate Recoil force of the trigger gun Dimensions and weights Length Width Height Weight, ready to operate with accessories Hand-arm vibration value Uncertainty K Sound pressure level LpA Uncertainty KpA Sound power level LWA + Uncertainty KWA Subject to technical changes. Motorbeskyttelsesafbryder Ved for højt strømforbrug slukker motorværnet for højtryksrenseren. Se hertil figurerne på side 4 1 Tilkoblingsdel til vandforsyning 2 Vandtilslutning med integreret si 3 Højtryksslange 4 Slangeføring 5 Opbevaring til strålerør 6 Opbevaring / hvileposition for sprøjtepistolen 7 Tilslutning til Plug 'n' Clean til rengøringsmiddel 8 Bæregreb 9 Transportgreb, som kan trækkes ud 10 Slangeholder 11 Højtrykstilslutning 12 Hovedafbryder „0/OFF“ / „I/ON“ 13 Strømledning med netstik 14 Rum til tilbehør 15 Hager for netbefæstigelse 16 Net til opbevaringsrum 17 Tranporthjul 18 Fod med håndtag 19 Full Control sprøjtepistol 20 Batterikasse 21 LED trykindikator MIX / 1 - SOFT / 2 - MEDIUM / 3 - HARD 22 Låseanordning batterirum 23 Låseanordning på sprøjtepistolen 24 Knap til at adskille højtrykslangen fra sprøjtepistolen. Forskriftsmessig bruk Denne høytrykksvaskeren skal utelukkende brukes til private formål: – for rengjøring av maskiner, biler, bygninger, verktøy, fasader, terrasser, hageutstyr, etc. [. . . ]


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