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[. . . ] KRUPS designs, develops and manufactures its Espresso machines in France, ensuring you the highest standards of origin and manufacturing quality. Designed for ease of use, your machine is the effortless way to create café-quality drinks at home. With just one touch, you can enjoy coffees such as Espresso, Ristretto and Lungo, as well as Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Caffe Latte and other milky drinks!To help you get the most out of your machine every day, KRUPS has developed an Intuitive Light Indicator. [. . . ] Coffee strength: to increase or decrease the strength of the coffee by changing the amount of ground coffee, select your drink and choose between 1 and 3 beans, with 1 being the softest and 3 being the most full-bodied . Cup volume: to increase or decrease the cup volume, scroll up or down the list of volumes and select the one you want. TIP To select the coffee strength and cup volume, you can navigate up/down or press directly on your choice. Warning: You can stop the preparation of a drink at any time by pressing the When a cycle is interrupted, it does The machine will be unavailable for a time, as indicated by a message on the screen. TIPS For frothed milk, use pasteurised UHT milk straight from the fridge (3­5°C). It is possible to use special milks (micro filtered, raw, fermented, enriched) or plant-based milks (rice, oat or almond milk), but this can give less satisfactory results in terms of quality and quantity of the froth. Refer to "2 PREPARING A MILK-BASED RECIPE" earlier in the instructions, or see the "Starting a milky drink" tutorial stored in your machine. You can set the temperature between T1 and T3, where T1 is the coolest and T3 is the hottest temperature. The Favourites feature lets you access a menu where all of your custom settings are saved. Fast and ideal for everyday use, your drink is started at the touch of a button without having to adjust your favourite recipes every time. You can store up to eight custom recipes, adjusting the volume, strength and colour of the Intuitive Light Indicator (J). For a more in-depth explanation of the Intuitive Light Indicator, see the INTUITIVE LIGHT INDICATOR chapter. Start your favourite drink with just one touch ­ it's so quick and easy!Learn how to access Favourites, add a Favourite, organise Favourites and delete a drink saved in My Favourites by looking at the tutorials stored in your machine, "How do I create and manage my favourites?Carrying out proper maintenance will optimise the life of your machine and preserve the authentic taste of your coffee. MAINTAINING THE COFFEE GROUNDS COLLECTOR AND DRIP TRAY The drip tray collects the used water and the coffee grounds collector collects the used ground coffee. Important: The drip tray collects any water or coffee that escapes from the appliance during and after drink preparation. It is important to always leave it in place and to empty it regularly. When the floats are in the raised position, indicating that it is too full. When the machine notifies you You can empty it more regularly, before the machine notifies you, but ensure that the machine is switched on so that it can record that the collector has been emptied !Important: Not emptying the coffee grounds collector and drip tray regularly as shown above may damage your machine. Important: In order to obtain a consistent foam quality, we recommend that you: You can start a milk system rinsing at any time. [. . . ] The steam nozzle had already worked: Check that the hole in the tip is not clogged. See section above: "The steam nozzle of your machine appears to be partially or completely clogged". If after performing the above steps, the steam Nozzle still doesn't work, please contact KRUPS Consumer Service. Depending on the type of preparation, steam may escape from the grid of the drip tray. [. . . ]


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