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[. . . ] 180ml 1/3 milk 1/3 coffee 1/3 milk foam 240ml 2/4 milk 1/4 coffee 1/4 milk foam 280ml 2/4 milk 1/4 coffee 1/4 milk foam Thank you for purchasing your KRUPS espresso machine with bean grinder. Designed and manufactured in France to give you "cafe" quality drinks with the greatest ease, your KRUPS machine allows you to enjoy Espresso, Ristretto, Lungo, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato and even more drinks all day long. Your KRUPS espresso machine is equipped with advanced technologies and an intuitive OLED interface; in order to obtain the best extraction possible with total ease, to reveal maximum aromas and flavours from the freshly ground coffee. For the best taste experience make sure you use a water fresh from the tap. [. . . ] It eliminates all solid milk deposits to ensure good hygiene and good quality frothing. Allows you to perform cleaning and degreasing of the coffee circuit of the machine. Eliminates any deposit of limescale or tartar that can influence the taste of the coffee. When the number of drinks is not enough for descaling to be necessary, the function is not active. Allows you to access the filter setting to install it, change it or remove it. Maximises the life of your machine, removes any trace of chlorine or limescale for a more delicious coffee. The "Info" menu gives you the opportunity to access information on: - The use of your machine. Here we present to you the main information available: Displays the number of drinks made. Coffee circuit cleaning Indicates that it should be done in x cycles. By selecting Settings, you can adjust various settings of your machine for a optimum comfort of use, adapted to your preferences. Setting the date is necessary, particularly if using an anti-limescale cartridge. Setting the time/ 12 or 24 hour clock Selection of the language of your choice from 19 languages. Coffee temperature 3 temperature adjustment levels for your coffee drinks. To turn on the machine and automatically start preheating the appliance at a chosen time. To choose the duration after which your device will stop automatically. You can choose to activate automatic rinsing of the coffee outlet or not when starting the machine. Depending on the preparation, the machine can perform automatic rinsing during its powering off. Carrying out proper maintenance will prolong the life of your machine and preserve the authentic taste of your coffee. maintenance of the coffee grounds collector and drip tray The drip tray receives the waste water. When the float is in the upper position indicating that it is too full. It is important to properly separate the body and the cover of the tray. Emptying the coffee grounds collector) When the machine shows "empty the 2 trays". [. . . ] Check that the bean container contains coffee and that it is moving down correctly. Decrease the volume of the preparation and increase the strength of the preparation using the Aroma+ function. Turn the "fineness of grinding" button to the left to obtain a finer ground coffee. Perform a coffee rinsing circuit before you start to make your coffee. [. . . ]


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