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[. . . ] The quality of water used is another determining factor which affects the overall quality of the brewed coffee. You should ideally use water which is fresh from the tap (so that it hasn’t had time to stagnate due to air contact), which is cold and which does not smell of chlorine. It will guide you through each step, from preparing your drink to servicing your machine. The Krups team 21 EN TABLE OF MEANINGS OF KEYS AND BUTTONS TABLE OF MEANINGS OF KEYS AND BUTTONS Buttons and knobs “On-off” button Favourite coffee type button Save favourite button Steam drink button or press Navigation button (cursor key) To adjust selected settings or press and hold Start or stop equipment To adjust how finely ground you would like the coffee beans. [. . . ] MAINTAINING YOUR APPLIANCE Emptying the coffee grounds collector and the drip tray ■ If the symbol starts flashing, empty and clean the drip tray (the drip tray may contain coffee grains) and the coffee grounds collector (23-25). – The drip tray is fitted with floats which indicate when it needs to be emptied (26). Once you have removed the coffee grounds collector, you should empty it completely in order to avoid any overflow. – The warning message will continue to be displayed if the coffee grounds collector is not pushed in or inserted correctly (24). You cannot make an espresso or a coffee while the warning message is shown. Rinsing the circuits : Press the maintenance and settings button (27). Press START , rinsing starts and finishes when the coffee menu appears. – You can choose to program the machine to be rinsed automatically each time it is turned on. Using the navigation button , select the automatic rinsing programming symbol . Warning : after this rinsing process, hot water will be released from the coffee jet. Ensure that the drip tray is in place even when the machine is not being used. Cleaning program - total duration: approximately 13 minutes You do not have to run the cleaning program as soon as the appliance requests it, but it must be done reasonably soon after. If cleaning is postponed, the alert message will remain illuminated until the process is carried out. – When the symbol lights up, you can run the automatic cleaning program by pressing the maintenance and settings button . – the automatic cleaning program is divided into 2 stages: the cleaning cycle itself, followed by the rinse cycle. You can clean the machine at any time by pressing the maintenance and settings button then, using the navigation button select the cleaning symbol . – To run this cleaning program, you will need a container which holds at least 0. 6 L and which can be placed beneath the coffee jets and the steam nozzle. 26 Note : if you turn off or unplug your machine during descaling or if there is a power failure, the cleaning program will start from the beginning of the program once the appliance is restarted. The descaling cycle is irregular: do not put your hands under the steam jet. OTHER FUNCTIONS ■ You can access the appliance’s OTHER FUNCTIONS menu by pressing the maintenance and settings button ■ For all settings, use the navigation button and + or – for the values. – To come out of the maintenance and settings menu, press the button. [. . . ] The appliance is automatically restarted when power is switched back on. Check that the water container is in the correct position and that the cord is not jammed between the appliance itself and the water container. This happens if coffee grains fall outside the percolation tank; this keeps the machine clean. Why can I not run descaling/ why does my machine not request a descaling cycle? [. . . ]


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