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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Read all instructions and all safety instructions before o perating the appliance. Is not sufficient, provided they are The appliance must only be Protect the appliance from direct supervised or have received instruction connected after installation Do not pull the cord over sharp edges, Precautions are part of the C hildren shall not use the appliance · Keep the cord away from heat and Before using your new If the supply cord is damaged, it must Keep them in a place where you offices and other working environments, responsibility and the guarantee will be replaced by the manufacturer, its Can find and refer to them Farm houses; by clients in hotels, motels not apply for any commercial use, service agent or similarly qualified And other residential environments; bed inappropriate handling or use of the persons, in order to avoid all risks. If the cord is damaged, do not operate CAUTION: when you see this · This appliance may be used by From use for other purposes, faulty the appliance. Sign, please refer to the safety children of at least 8 years of age, operation, non-professionals' repair or the Nespresso Club or to a Nespresso Precautions to avoid possible as long as they are supervised and failure to comply with the instructions. [. . . ] Used correctly, helps ensure the Do not use the appliance without the proper functioning of your machine Never put the appliance or part of it in electrical shocks, burns and fire. Drip tray and drip grid to avoid spilling over its lifetime and that your coffee Always completely close the lever and any liquid on surrounding surfaces. scalding · Do not use any strong cleaning agent · Dangerous and can lead to fatal Use a damp cloth descale according to user manual Do not put fingers under coffee outlet, and mild cleaning agent to clean the recommendations or specific alerts. Do not put fingers into capsule T o clean machine, use only clean SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Do not put anything into any Pass them on to any Doing so may cause fire or Danger of injury!Water could flow around a capsule remove the plastic film and dispose. The use of accessory attachments not when not perforated by the blades · This appliance is designed for Recommended by the manufacturer and damage the appliance. Never use a damaged or deformed exclusively through the Nespresso 4 Capsule container for 9­11 used capsules This machine is equipped with an energy saving feature. To turn the machine off before automatic Power Off mode, press both the Espresso and Lungo buttons simultaneously. With the machine OFF, press and hold the Espresso button for 3 seconds. To change this setting press the Espresso button: One time for power off mode after 9 minutes. CAUTION: first read the safety precautions to avoid risks of fatal electrical shocks and fire. CAUTION: never lift lever during operation and refer to the safety precautions to avoid possible harm when operating the appliance. NOTE: during heat up, you can press either coffee button whilst blinking. Lift and close the lever to eject the capsule into the used capsule container. Turn the machine on and wait for it to be in ready mode (steady lights). NOTE: your machine will be blocked for 10 minutes after emptying mode. To enter the emptying mode, press both the Espresso and Lungo button to turn the machine off. With the machine OFF, press and hold down the Lungo button for 5 seconds. LEDs will blink fast 3 times to confirm machine has been reset to factory settings. LEDs will then continue to blink normally, as heating up, until ready. [. . . ] Krups guarantees this product against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase. During this period, Krups will either repair or replace, at its discretion, any defective product at no charge to the owner. Replacement products or repaired parts will be guaranteed for only the unexpired portion of the original guarantee or six months, whichever is greater. This limited guarantee does not apply to any defect resulting from accident, misuse, improper maintenance, or normal wear and tear. [. . . ]


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