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[. . . ] When using the nozzle, make sure it is in the right position to avoid the risk of burns. 1 English ■  his appliance may be used by children of at least 8 years of age, as long T as they are supervised and have been given instructions about using the appliance safely and are fully aware of the dangers involved. –  leaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children unless C they are older than 8 and they are supervised by an adult. –  eep the appliance and its cord out of reach of children under 8 years K of age. [. . . ] – For safety and accreditation reasons, any transformation or modification of the appliance, performed  individually, is forbidden, as only tested appliances are accredited and the manufacturer will refuse all liability in the event of damage. CONDITIONS OF USE ■ This appliance is not suitable for making drinks for babies under the age of 2 years.  ■ If your product is equipped with our Claris - Aqua Filter System F088 cartridge,  please make sure to remove it before the descaling activity. Perform the entire cleaning cycle thoroughly as there may be a risk of intoxication. If one of the products supplied with the appliance is swallowed, inform your doctor and/or poison centre immediately. – The use of oily, caramelised or aromatic coffee beans is not recommended in this appliance. – For safety reasons, while producing steam for making a cappuccino, heating milk or heating water, take  care not to put your hand under the steam nozzle or the super cappuccino accessory, or under the coffee nozzle while making coffee. – The steam nozzle can be very hot, take care not to handle it during or just after use.  ■ Check that the voltage of your appliance corresponds to your domestic power supply. Any error in  connection may cause irreversible damage and invalidate the guarantee. The appliance should only be plugged into a socket with an earth connection. Check that the socket outlet can be easily accessed so that the plug can be disconnected easily in the event of a malfunction. – For the safety of your appliance, remove the plug in the event of a thunderstorm. Do not leave the power cord overhanging a table, work surface or in contact with hot parts of your appliance, near a source of heat or a sharp edge. Unplug your appliance as soon as you  have stopped using it for a long period or when cleaning it. – Non-compliance with these instructions or any contact between the appliance’s conductive parts with  humidity or water can cause fatal injuries due to the presence of electricity!– This appliance should only be used indoor and dry locations at room temperature, avoid placing the  appliance in direct sunlight. If the room temperature should change from cold to hot, please wait a few hours before starting the appliance to ensure that it is not damaged due to water condensation. – Take care not to place the appliance on a hot surface such as a warming plate or near a naked flame, to  avoid any risk of fire or other damage. – To avoid dirty water overflowing onto your work-top or running the risk of burning yourself, remember to fit  the drip tray and make sure you protect your work-top during the descaling cycles, particularly if it is made of marble, stone or wood. – In the event of a malfunction or poor working condition, check the appliance and try to resolve the problem  (see table: Problems and corrective measures) or get the appliance repaired if the malfunction persists. 3 English ■ Only  a qualified technician is authorised to perform repairs on the power cord and the electrical network. [. . . ] Garanti gælder for 2 år og/eller 6000 cyklusser (8000 cyklusser for EA9000) med højst 3000 cyklusser om året (4000 cyklusser for EA9000). Udfør hele rengøringscyklussen for at undgå risikoen for forgiftning. Hvis temperaturen af den omgivende luft ændrer sig fra kold til varm, skal du vente nogle timer, før du tænder for apparatet, for at det ikke skal blive beskadiget af kondensvand. En kogeplade eller i nærheden af åben ild,  for at undgå enhver risiko for brand eller andre skader. [. . . ]


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