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[. . . ] Before connecting the appliance to the gas network, make sure that the data on the label attached to the food warmer drawer or on the back of the cooker are compatible with what is indicated for the gas distribution network. A label attached to the last page of this handbook and in the food warmer drawer (or on the back) of the appliance indicates the appliance adjustment conditions: type of gas and operating pressure. IMPORTANT: This appliance must be installed in compliance with current national standards in force and used only in a well-ventilated room. WARNING: It should be recalled that the appliance utilises a threaded 1/2" gas cylindrical male fitting according to UNIISO 228-1. [. . . ] The oven temperature is set by turning the knob counterclockwise to match the indicator with the temperature selected. When the cooker model allows the combinated use of gas oven and gas grill, the oven inner temperature is adjustable within the limit indicated in TABLE 8. FAN GAS OVEN: Operating the fan of the oven by means of the appropriate switch situated on the control panel, the circulation of warm air guarantees a uniform heat distribution. However for delicate baking, it is preferable to warm the oven before introducing the baking-pan. The baking system with the fan convection changes in part the various traditional baking notions. When roasting meat it is not necessary to turn the meat any more and for a roast on the spit, it is not indispensable to use the spit-roaster, but is sufficient to put the meat directly on the grate. With the use of the fan gas oven, the baking temperatures are slightly lower of about 10-15°C compared to those in use with the traditional gas oven. The fan operation of the oven prevents the operation of the grill, which therefore cannot be used with the fan in action. The oven can also be used in a traditional way, (by not activating the fan) for foods requiring heat from the bottom, e. WARNING: If the burner flames are extinguished accidentally, turn off the control knob and do not try to relight the oven until after at least 1 minute. The oven burner can be ignited in different ways: - Manual lighting (it is always possible even when the power is cut off): To light the oven, open the oven door and turn the knob so the no. During normal oven use, select the desired cooking temperature using the thermostat knob and wait until the orange light turns off before putting in any food. To keep the oven as clean as possible it is recommended to cook meat on the tray or on the shelf that has been inserted inside the tray. The thermostat supplied with the relative models maintains a constant temperature inside the oven at a specific temperature setting ranging from 50°C to 250°C. Turn the knob clockwise and align the selected temperature indicated on the ring with the index etched on the control panel. Thermostat operation is indicated by an orange light which will turn off when the temperature inside the oven is 10°C greater than the temperature setting, and will turn on when the oven is 10°C less than the temperature setting. The thermostat can control the oven elements only if the relative switch is in one of the possible oven element operating modes: if the switch is in position 0, the thermostat has not effect on the oven elements, which remain off. 27A-27B-27C) The 9 + 0 switch installed in the multifunction oven models is used, along with the thermostat, to control the electric fan and the oven elements since they can be turned on by turning the 9 + 0 switch knob and the thermostat knob. Turning just one of the two knobs will not have any effect on the oven except to turn on the oven light or the electric fan when inserted. The electric oven is heated by 4 elements: one on the bottom, two on the top or one circular; turning the switch knob turns on the element relative to the symbol indicated on the ring but to be activated the thermostat knob must be turned until the orange light turns on indicating that the element has been turned on. Placing the switch knob on any of the nine operating modes turns on the oven light, together with the relative element. Once the temperature and the elements to be used have been set, the oven elements are turned on and off by the thermostat; therefore, it is normal for the orange light to turn on and off while the oven is working. [. . . ] For increasing or decreasing time displayed 1 minute by 1, turn the knob clockwise or counterclockwise, le minutes pointer will increase or decrease 1 minute by minute clockwise or counterclockwise. 10 seconds after last set up the electronic timer will exit time set up mode. Minute minder set up will activate a simple alarm when set up time is over. For setting up an alarm push briefly once the knob till getting ALARM icon flashing. [. . . ]


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