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[. . . ] Dichiara sotto la propria responsabilità che il prodotto: : Macchina per caffè per uso domestico Declare that the following product: Espresso coffee machines for domestic use Al quale è riferita questa Dichiarazione, secondo quanto prescritto dalle direttive specifiche: to which this declaration relates is, according to the provisions of the specific directives: à laquelle se réfère cette dèclaration, selon les prescriptions des directives specifiques : La presente dichiarazione perde la sua validità se la macchina viene modificata senza la nostra espressa autorizzazione The present declaration will become invalid should the machine be modified without our specific authorization La Présente déclaration perd sa validité dés lors que la machine est modifiée sans notre expresse autorisation English Dear Customer, We thank you for buying one of our products, made in accordance with the most up-to date technological innovations. Following carefully the simple operations of use contained in this manual, which comply with essential safety regulations, you will get the best performances and notice the remarkable reliability of this product along the years. In case of running troubles, our network of Service Centres is at your complete disposal from now on. Before starting the machine, please read carefully instruction manual. [. . . ] If the machine is not frequently used, turn off the ON/OFF switch and unplug the power cord by pulling on the plug. 8 - CLEANING OF THE EXTERNAL CHASSIS Clean the outside of the machine with a soft damp cloth and then dry it. Never use alcohol, solvents, abrasives or detergents as they may harm the surfaces. 9 - DECALCIFICATION The machine will need to be decalcified periodically depending on how often it is used and the hardness of the water. Use only products that are specific to this purpose that can be found also at the authorized SERVICE CENTRES. Dissolve the decalcifying agent completely in a container of water (1, 5 L), then pour the solution into the water tank (1). Place a suitable container under the coffee group (5) and under the turbo steam nozzle (6). Turn on the coffee/hot water switch (14) and let the solution flow through the coffee group (5) for 15 seconds. Turn on the steam switch (15) and the coffee/hot water switch (14) and slowly open the steam knob (anticlockwise) (4) and let water flow through the steam nozzle (6) for several seconds. Wait 20 minutes and repeat the above steps until the solution in the water tank has reached the minimum water level. Remove the water tank (1), rinse it thoroughly, refill it with clean water and put it back into the machine. B) Switch the machine on by pushing the on/off lever (13) on the position "I". Place the water/coffee water lever (14) and the steam lever (15) on the position "I" Should water comes out of the turbo steam supply nozzle (6), push the hot water/coffee lever (14) and the steam lever (15) on the position "0" and close the knob (4). E) Please, check the tank water (1) level so to prevent from repeating these operations and from empting water circuit. In case it happens, repeat all the above mentioned operations by all means. F) After doing these operations, wait that the machine builds up the operating temperature to make coffee, lamp (15a) on. : the light which shows the correct temperature (15a), will continue to go out and to light up automatically during the heating period. After the lighting of the machine, for the first coffee, wait about 6 minutes for the ideal heating, while for the following, the machine will be always ready. To make a good cup of espresso you need good quality coffee, properly roasted and ground. If the coffee is too coarsely ground the coffee will be light and without the froth that marks a good cup of espresso. If the coffee is ground too finely the espresso will be dark and strong and have little froth. We recommend grinding the coffee beans with a traditional grinder (not a grinder that uses a blade) immediately before you make the coffee since the coffee quickly loses its aroma after it is ground. [. . . ] Attention: water temperature is around 90-95°, be careful not to burn yourself. A) It is recommended to clean the tank periodically by pulling it out carefully by its proper handle and by putting the water tubes into it again being careful not to bend them. F) Use the machine only under adult control and keep away from children. Attention: damages due to the emptiness of the machine water circuit voids warranty; it recommended to read the instruction booklet carefully and to control the tank (1) water level regularly. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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