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[. . . ] GB English Dear Customer, We thank you for buying one of our products, made in accordance with the most up-to date technological innovations. Following carefully the simple operations of use contained in this manual, which comply with essential safety regulations, you will get the best performances and notice the remarkable reliability of this product along the years. In case of running troubles, our network of Service Centres is at your complete disposal from now on. Before starting the machine, please read carefully instruction manual. [. . . ] The coffee espresso machine needs the use of a thin mixture grinded; if the grinding is too coarse we will obtain light and pale coffees and without cream. If the grinding is too thin we will obtain dark and strong coffees with little cream. The grinding is optimal when the espresso is black and "creamy". To obtain a good cup of coffee you should follow these rules: with the machine under pressure put the filter-basket (16), with grinded coffee, inside the filter-holder (n. 10), and together under the group; pull up the lever (1) and after few seconds the coffee starts dripping from the filter holder. The machine will be in the best condition for coffee deliver. We suggest to grind the coffee, with a coffee-grinder, at the moment of its use, because once grinded, it looses its fragrance in a short time. Please do not use a blade-type grinder because it makes too much coffee dust and produces an irregular grind. - Choose the correct filter (16 or 16a) and put it into the filter holder (10). Use the small filter for 1 cup (or for pods use) and the big filter for 2 cups. Wait till the machine reach the correct temperature with the filter holder fitted up. In the meantime prepare cups, coffee, milk ect. - After the heating take away the filter holder (10) and fill the filter (16 or 16a), with ground coffee using the measure of the machine (15). Please consider a measure for each cup of coffee. - Press the coffee using the coffee press (14) provided and clean the edge of the filter basket from any coffee powder left, picture G. One cup filter (16a) is suitable for pods use. The pod must be put into the filter taking care that the filter paper doesn't extend beyond the edge of the filter holder. - Holding the machine firm by the lever handgrip (1), insert the filter-holder (10) in the place provided in the unit (11) and fix it in place through a brief rotation from right to left, picture H. - Lift the lever (1) (with your left hand hold the filter-holder handgrip, and make sure that the machine remains firm) and hold it in this position for a few seconds; as the first drops of coffee come through, pull it down as much as possible. This operation will have to be repeated depending on the desired amount of coffee, picture I. - To obtain a uniform delivery of coffee, the pressure exerted on the lever will have to be proportional to the resistance met by the lever itself during the delivery. - Repeat the same operations depending on the desired number of cups of coffee. [. . . ] After having filled the boiler with fresh and clean water, having closed the boiler cap and the steam knob, switch again the machine on and wait for it to reach the correct pressure; then allow plenty of water to flow both out of the filter-holder nozzles, and out of the Cappuccino Automatic, to eliminate any residual softener solution, before switching the machine off. To remove the scale deposits from the heating element and inside the boiler, it is also possible to use a water and vinegar solution, which should be brought to the boiling inside the boiler itself. Once the machine has reached the correct pressure, let work the solution for approximately 15 minutes. Place the switch on the OFF position again and unplug the main cable from the socket without pulling it. [. . . ]


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