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[. . . ] The part should not contain prohibited substances(Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr+6, PBB, PBDE)and details Should comply with LG standard of LG(63)-A-5501-34 Before beginning installation, read these instructions carefully. This will simplify installation and ensure that the product is installed correctly and safely. Leave these instructions near the product after installation for future reference. This manual is produced for a group of products and may contain images or content different from the model you purchased. [. . . ] This cycle is suitable for casual shirts that do not need ironing after washing. Various kind of fabrics except special garments (silk/delicate, sports wear, dark clothes, wool, duvet/curtains). Provides less noise and vibration and saves money by using overnight electricity. Helps to remove wrinkles within 20mins with steam (Clothes may be wet. This cycle is for large items such as bed covers, pillows, sofa covers, etc. This cycle is suitable for sports wear such as jogging clothes and running wear. ) with filling: duvets, pillows, blankets, sofa covers with light filling If it's possible for clothes to decolourate, please use this cycle. This cycle provides fast washing time for small loads and lightly soiled clothes. This cycle is for hand and machine washable delicate clothes such as washable wool, lingerie, dresses etc. Wool, hand washable clothes, delicate, easily damaged laundry Wash off several kinds of stain such as wine, juice, dirt, etc. (Water temperature is increased step by step for washing various stains. Water Temperature: Select the appropriate water temperature for chosen wash cycle. Always follow garment manufacturer's care label or instructions when washing. Set program at "Cotton Large 40°C (Half Load)", "Cotton Large 60°C (Half Load)", "Cotton Large 60°C (Full Load)" option for test in conformity with EN60456 and Regulation 1015/2010. - Standard 60°C cotton program : Cotton Large + 60 °C (Full Load) - Standard 60°C cotton program : Cotton Large + 60 °C (Half Load) - Standard 40°C cotton program : Cotton Large + 40 °C (Half Load) (They are suitable to clean normally soiled cotton laundry. ) (They are the most efficient programmes in terms of combined energy and water consumptions for washing that type of cotton laundry. ) * Actual water temperature may differ from the declared cycle temperature. The test results depend on water pressure, water hardness, water inlet temperature, room temperature, type and amount of load, degree of soiling utilized detergent, fluctuations in the main electricity supply and chosen additional options. * : This option is automatically included in the cycle and can not be deleted. You can set a time delay so that the washing machine will start automatically and finish after a specified time interval. 3 Press the Startzeitvorwahl button and set time The delay time is the time to the end of the programme , not the start. The actual running time may vary due to water temperature, wash load and other factors. [. . . ] Damage resulting from operating the Product in a corrosive atmosphere or contrary to the instructions outlined in the Product's owner's manual. Damage or failure caused by unauthorized modification or alteration, or if it is used for other than the intended purpose, or any water leakage where the product was not properly installed. Damage or failure caused by incorrect electrical current, voltage, or plumbing codes, commercial or industrial use, or use of accessories, components, or consumable cleaning products that are not approved by LG. Damage caused by transportation and handling, including scratches, dents, chips, and/or other damage to the finish of your product, unless such damage results from defects in materials or workmanship. [. . . ]


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