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[. . . ] The manufacturer works constantly on the further development of all the types and models. Therefore please understand that we have to reserve the right to make design, equipment and technical modifications. To get to know all the benefits of your new appliance, please read the information contained in these instructions carefully. Text relating only to specific appliances is marked with an asterisk (*). [. . . ] The amount of refrigerant in your appliance is on the type plate inside the appliance. Ensure that the following tools are to hand: q Torx® 15 q Torx® 25 q Screwdriver q Cordless screwdriver, if necessary q Second person for fitting work, if needed Note u Remove any food from the door racks before removing the Door, so that no food falls out. U Unscrew the fastening screws (11) (2 x Torx® 25) and pull The centre bearing block out of the lower door. 6 (26), re-locate it into the mounting hole on the opposite side of the bearing block and tighten again. 6 (22) to the new hinge side, with the help of a cordless screwdriver if necessary, and tighten (with 4 Nm) once again. U Insert the centre bearing block (13) turned through 180° into The lower door and fasten firmly (with 4 Nm)to the new hinge side with the fastening screws(2 x Torx® 25). U Screw in the upper bearing block tightly (with 4 Nm)(2 x 4 (1) on the opposite side by sliding it rearwards and latching it into place. 5 (12) and fit to the opposite If the bearing parts are not screwed into place firmly enough, the door may drop out. What is more, the door may not close and therefore the appliance may fail to cool properly. X For appliances supplied with wall spacers, the measurement increases by 35 mm (see 4. 7 (2) can be added above the appliance in order to bring the appliance Fig. 7 (1) up to the height of the fitted kitchen When installing with kitchen units (max. Depth 580 mm), the appliance can be positioned directly next to the kitchen cabinet Fig. The appliance will project by 34 mmx at the sides and 50 mmx in the centre of the appliance in relation to the kitchen cabinet front. - At the back of the stack cabinet there has to be a ventilation duct of at least 50 mm depth throughout the width of the stack cabinet. - The cross section of the ventilation gap below the ceiling must be at least 300 cm2. - the larger the ventilation space, the more energy-saving the appliance is in operation. 7 (4), the distance between appliance and wall has to be at least 40 mm. This corresponds to the projection of the handle when the door is open. The packaging is made of recyclable materials: - corrugated board/cardboard - expanded polystyrene parts - polythene bags and sheets - polypropylene straps - nailed wooden frame with polyethylene panel* u Take the packaging material to an official collecting point. The type of current (alternating current) and voltage at the installation site have to conform with the data on the type plate (see Appliance at a glance). The temperature depends on the following factors: - the door opening frequency - the room temperature at the site where the appliance is Installed - the type, temperature and quantity of frozen food u Adjust the temperature as needed, using the control. [. . . ] Open the lamp cover on the inside at the front, and pull it off to the side. First check whether you can correct the fault yourself by reference to the list (see Malfunction). If this is not the case, please contact the customer service whose address is given in the enclosed customer service list. WARNING Risk of injury if repair work is not carried out professionally! [. . . ]


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