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[. . . ] Chain oil Protective cut-proof gloves Protective long, cut-proof trousers Chain brake: deactivated, activated Remove plug from the mains immediately if the cable is damaged or cut 10 m Refrain from Turn the machine off Disconnect the plug before adjusting or cleaning. Risk of electric shock d) Keep bystanders away General Power Tool Safety Warnings instructions may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious injury. The term ‘“power tool” in the warnings refers to your mains-operated (corded) power tool or battery-operated (cordless) power tool. Never use the cord for carrying, pulling or unplugging the power tool. [. . . ] Take great care when assembling to ensure this is performed correctly. 3 Position the chain over the bar, starting at the nose sprocket, fitting into the bar guide groove. Ensure that the sharp side of the cutting teeth face in a frontward direction on the upper part of the bar. Ensure the chain tensioner pin is as far back towards the drive sprocket as possible. Mount the bar on the bar retaining screw and the chain tensioner pin and position the chain over the drive sprocket. Replace the drive sprocket cover, ensuring the drive teeth of the chain are engaged in the drive sprocket and in the guide groove. To tension the chain, screw the chain screw in a clockwise direction using the spanner/ tensioner outer knob in a clockwise direction. To reduce tension screw in an To reduce tension screw in an anti-clockwise anti-clockwise direction when performing this operation, direction. (when performing this operation, ( keep the bar nose raised upwards) keep the bar nose raised upwards) 7. Pull the chain away from the bar and ensure gap measures approx 2-3mm 8a. Screwdriver provided Tensioning the chain too tightly will overload the motor and cause damage, insufficient tension can provoke chain derailing, whereas a chain tightened correctly provides the best cutting characteristics and prolonged work life. Before each use If the chain does not cut correctly, or requires hard bar pressure against the wood, and if the sawdust is very fine, this is a sign that it is not sharpened correctly. If the cutting action produces no sawdust, this means the cutting edge has been worn completely and the chain is pulverising the wood during cutting. A well-sharpened chain crosses through the wood without effort or pressure and produces large long wood shavings. The difference between these determines the cutting depth; a file guide and a 4mm diameter round file are needed to obtain good sharpening results; Follow the instructions below: Once the chain has been mounted and the tension is correctly adjusted, and the chain brake is activated, position the file guide perpendicular to the bar as shown in the illustration (fig. 13), always working from the interior towards the exterior, lessening the pressure during the return stage (it is very important to follow the instructions perfectly: excessive or insufficient sharpening angles or an incorrect file diameter will increase the risk of kickback. ) To obtain higher precision on side angles, it is advisable to position the file so that it exceeds the upper cutter by about 0. File all the teeth on one side first, then turn the machine over and repeat the operation. Make sure that after sharpening operations, all teeth are the same length and that the height of the depth gauge is 0. 6 mm lower than the upper cutter: check the height using a proper template and file (with a flat file) all protruding parts, rounding off the front part of the depth gauge (fig. 15) Chain sharpening (When necessary) Every 2-3 hours of use Check the bar condition, if necessary clean the lubrication holes (fig. 6) carefully; If the groove is worn or shows signs of deep notching, it must be replaced. [. . . ] Dersom det er mulig stans opp på 2/3 av stammene tykkelse, rull stammen og klipp den resterende delen ovenfra og ned, for å begrens risikoen for å komme i nærheten av jorden. 9) for hvilken direksjon å ta ( A direksjon forutsatt for treets fall. For mer detaljert informasjon om gjenvinning av dette produktet, vennligst ta kontakt med kommunekontoret på stedet, renovasjonstjenesten for husholdningsavfall, eller butikken hvor du kjøpte produktet. Operatører skal sørge for sikkerhetstiltak for å beskytte seg selv som er basert på beregnet eksponering under faktiske bruksforhold (hvor det tas hensyn til alle deler av brukssyklusen slik som tiden når verktøyet er slått av og når det går på tomgang i tillegg til avtrekkertid). [. . . ]


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