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[. . . ] Check that the data plates are affixed to the appliance, if not, inform your dealer. Units without plates must not be used as they are unidentifiable and potentially dangerous. Do not tamper with or adjust the setting of the safety valve or the safety devices. High pressure may cause parts to rebound: wear all the protective clothing and equipment needed to ensure the operator’s safety. [. . . ] The introduction of inflammable, explosive and toxic liquids into the appliance is prohibited. Use of the appliance in a potentially inflammable or explosive atmosphere is forbidden. The use of non-original spare parts and any other spare parts not specifically intended for the model in question is prohibited. Any modifications made to the appliance shall render the Declaration of Conformity null and void and relieve the manufacturer of all liability under civil and criminal law. b1 Adjustable spray nozzle (For models with this feature) The rotating nozzle kit delivers greater washing power. Use of the rotating nozzle may cause of reduction in pressure of 25% compared to the pressure obtained with the adjustable nozzle. However, the rotating nozzle kit delivers greater washing power due to the rotation of the water jet. 3 Electrical connection Check that the electrical supply voltage and frequency (V-Hz) correspond to those specified on the appliance data plate (fig. The appliance should only be connected to a mains power supply equipped with an adequate earth connection and a differential security breaker (30 mA) to cut off the electricity supply in the instance of a short circuit. The cross-section of the extension cable should be proportionate to its length; the longer it is, the greater its cross-section should be. 4 Water supply connection Only clean or filtered water should be used for intake. The delivery of the water intake tap should be equal to that of pump capacity. Make sure that the hose is at least Ø 13 mm and that it is reinforced. 1 Adjusting the spray nozzle (for models with this feature) Water flow is adjusted by regulating the nozzle (E). 2)  epress the gun trigger and discharge the residual air inside D the hoses. 3 Adjusting the detergent pressure Set the adjustable nozzle (E) on " " to deliver detergent at the correct pressure (on models with this feature). 4 Adjusting the pressure (on models with this feature) The regulator (G) is used to adjust the working pressure. 4)  ischarge the residual pressure from the gun until all the water D has come out of the nozzle. 5)  Drain and wash out the detergent tank at the end of the working session. When using detergent, the adjustable nozzle must be set on "   " (on models with this feature). Use of a high pressure hose longer than the one originally supplied with the cleaner, or the use of an additional hose extension, may reduce or completely halt the intake of detergent. Set the starter switch on (ON/1) to: a) start the motor (in models without TSS device); b) set the motor ready to start (in models with TSS device). [. . . ] The warranty does not cover components subject to normal wear (valves, pistons, water gasket, oil gasket, springs, O-rings, accessories such as hoses, guns, brushes, wheels, etc. The warranty does not cover defects caused by or resulting from: - incorrect use, abuse or neglect, - trade, professional or hire use, - failure to service and maintain the unit as specified in the user’s manual, - unauthorised repairs, - use of non-original accessories/spare parts, - damage incurred during shipping or due to foreign objects or substances and accidental damage, - warehousing and stock keeping problems. To register the warranty, the customer must provide proof of purchase. For service, contact the dealership where the machine was purchased Deutsch 1 SICHERHEITSANWEISUNGEN 1. [. . . ]


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