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[. . . ] They can cause accidents, for example due to overheating, catching fire or materials shattering. The hotplates and surrounding area (particularly the hob surround, if fitted) become very hot. Repairs may only be carried out and damaged power cables replaced by one of our trained after-sales technicians. If the appliance is defective, unplug the appliance from the mains or switch off the circuit breaker in the fuse box. [. . . ] Notes The hob will switch itself off automatically once all Hotplates have been switched off for a while (1060 seconds). The settings remain stored for 4 seconds after the hob has been switched off. If you switch it on again during this time, the hob will operate using the previously stored settings. setting a hotplate Use the twist knob to set the desired cooking time. Heat setting 1 = lowest setting Heat setting 9 = highest setting There is an intermediate setting between each heat setting. To do this, touch the twist knob in the appropriate area for the required hotplate. Within the next 10 seconds, turn the twist knob until the desired heat setting appears in the heat setting display. Changing the heat setting: Select the hotplate and set the new heat setting. Cooking times and heat settings may vary depending on the type of food, its weight and quality. Food that needs to be seared quickly or food which loses a lot of liquid during initial frying is best seared in several small portions. Tips for energy-saving cooking can be found in the Environmental protection section. Fish and fish fillet, plain Fish and fish fillet, breaded Fish and fish fillet, breaded and 6-7 frozen, e. You Childproflock can use the childproof lock to prevent children from switching on the hob. Switching the childproof lock on and off The hob must be switched off. This function automatically activates the childproof lock every time you switch the hob off. Switching on and off Find out how to switch the automatic childproof lock on and off in the Basic settings section. PowerBoost PowerBostfunction lets you heat up large volumes of water even faster than on heat setting 9. With dual-circuit hotplates the second filament circuit has to be activated for use with the PowerBoost function. Notes If you do not turn off the PowerBoost function, it Switches off automatically after a certain period of time. Oil and fat that have overheated will catch fire quickly, see section "Important safety information". There Time-setingoptions are 3 different time-setting options: A hotplate should switch off automatically Kitchen timer Stopwatch automatic hotplate switch-off Enter a cooking time for the relevant hotplate. When the time has elapsed When the time has elapsed, an audible signal sounds and << flashes in the display for one minute. [. . . ] You can therefore be sure that the repair is carried out by trained service technicians who carry original spare parts for your appliances. This Testdishes table has been produced for test institutes to facilitate the testing of our appliances. The data in the table refers to our accessory cookware from Schulte Ufer (4-part induction pot set Z9442X0) with the following dimensions: 1 Melt the butter, stir in the flour and salt, and keep cooking the roux for 3 minutes 2 Add the milk to the roux and bring to the boil, stirring continuously 3 After the Béchamel sauce has come to the boil, keep cooking it at setting 1 for a further 2 minutes, stirring all the time Recipe: 190 g round grain rice, 90 g sugar, Recipe: 250 g round grain rice, 120 g sugar, 6:45 Heat the milk until it starts to rise up. Switch down to the ongoing cooking setting and add the rice, sugar And salt to the milk Total cooking time (incl. [. . . ]


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