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[. . . ] Anslut endast apparaten till 230 volt växelström och använd endast apparaten till det den är avsedd för. Om produkten används till annat än den är till för, eller används utan att respektera bruksanvisningen bär användaren själv ansvaret för eventuella följder. €  nvänd aldrig mikrovågsugnen till annat än A tillredning av matvaror o d och inte till att torka klädesplagg, papper eller andra icke ätliga produkter eller till att sterilisera saker. Alla angivna tider i recepten är baserade på 800 watt och är cirkatider som kan variera beroende på t ex: Kärlets tjocklek Råvarornas konsistens Råvarornas färskhet Färska eller frysta råvaror Tjockleken på råvarorna I övrigt kan vi hänvisa till omräkningstabellen sist i manualen som kan användas till recept för mikrovågsugn med lägre eller högre effekt. [. . . ] If the oven is not kept clean, the surfaces may deteriorate and the lifetime of the appliance may be considerably shortened and there is a risk of a dangerous situation occurring. Never use scouring or etching detergents, as such products may damage the inner and outer surfaces. The following parts can be cleaned with a damp cloth, possibly with a mild washing-up liquid: • External surfaces and the control panel • Rotary wheel and the bottom of the oven • The oven door and adjacent parts. Remove odours by placing a bowl with lemon water (squeezed lemon + water) in the microwave oven. Put the microwave function at top efficiency for 5 minutes and wipe with a damp cloth. When cleaning, please pay special attention to the following: • Avoid water from penetrating into the air vents and make sure that the control panel does not get wet. Indd 74 2017-02-09 11:00:07 • Never use scouring products and sharp metal objects for cleaning the glass of the oven door, as such products may scratch the glass and make the glass break. € Take care that the rotary wheel is positioned correctly after cleaning. € It is particularly important that the door and the inner part of the oven are kept clean. € The insulation plate (the Mica plate) inside the cavity of the oven shall be kept clean with a damp cloth. If the plate is very greasy or if it has a very dark colour, it should be replaced by an authorized person, as it may catch fire. Utensils that can be used in the microwave oven Kitchen utensils Heat resistant glass Ceramics and porcelain Non-heat resistant glass Microwave resistant plastic Microwave resistant plastic wrap Kitchen towel Metal bowl Metal grids Metal utensils, aluminium foil Microwave oven Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No No Grill Yes No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Only use dishes and containers that are approved for use in microwave ovens. Stop/Clear Press the button once to stop the preparation and press twice to finish the preparation. /Confirm Press the button to confirm a setting, start a programme or activate the quick start function. Function button Button for setting of time, weight, and auto menu A-1 to A-8. Set the number of hours by turning the function button to the time you want (0-23). Press the “Clock/Pre-Set” button and the number of minutes starts flashing. Set the number of minutes by turning the function button to the time you want (0-59). If you want to interrupt the time setting, press the “Stop/Clear” button to revert to the previous status. If you want to see the actual time during the preparation, press the ”Clock/PreSet” button and the actual time will be displayed for about 3 seconds. How to use the microwave oven Each time you press/turn a button, you will hear a beep for confirmation of the choice. The grill function is perfect for thin slices of meat, kebab, sausages and chicken wings, garlic bread, hot sandwiches and gratins. [. . . ] Indd 81 2017-02-09 11:00:07 OBH Nordica LIMITED GUARANTEE The Guarantee OBH Nordica guarantees this product against any manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship during 2 years within Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, starting from the initial date of purchase or delivery date. This manufacturer’s commercial guarantee covers all costs related to restoring the proven defective product so that it conforms to its original specifications, through the repair or replacement of any defective part and the necessary labour. At OBH Nordicas choice, a replacement product may be provided instead of repairing a defective product. OBH Nordicas sole obligation and your exclusive resolution under this guarantee are limited to such repair or replacement. [. . . ]


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