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[. . . ] Caution: The cup warmer, filter holder, steam tube and drip tray become hot during use and will remain so for some time afterwards - acute risk of burns. Caution: Always keep your hands well away from the outlet openings (boiler outlet, Filter holder, panarello) during operation - danger of scalding. This appliance may be used by children (at least 8 years of age) and by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lacking experience and knowledge, provided they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance and fully understand all dangers and safety precautions involved. Children must not be permitted to carry out any cleaning or maintenance work on the appliance unless they are supervised and at least 8 years of age. [. . . ] Clean all detachable parts as described in the section Cleaning and care. Adjust the water hardness as described in Adjusting the level of water hardness. Before making espresso for the first time, flush the System by drawing 2-3 large cups of water as described in Making espresso, but without using any coffee. During this process, use the panarello repeatedly as described in Dispensing hot water. This should also be done if the appliance has not been used for an extended period of time. preparing beverages Pressure gauge The integral pressure gauge shows the current brewing pressure during espresso preparation. The pressure depends on how firmly the espresso powder has been compressed with the tamper, and the amount of espresso powder used. With an amount of espresso of around 25-30 ml, the processing time should be around 25-30 seconds at a pressure of around 9 bar. Depending on personal taste, the brewing pressure can be adjusted by modifying the amount of espresso powder and tamper pressure. Pre-heating cups For optimum taste enjoyment we recommend to pre-heat the cups. Making espresso Remove the water container, open the lid and fill with Fresh water, observing the min/max marking. Using espresso powder: Fit the filter insert for one or two cups into the filter holder. Load the filter insert with the desired amount of espresso Use the tamper to push down the espresso coffee Evenly and firmly with a pressure of around 15 kg. Hint: After tampering, the compressed surface should be about 2 mm down from the rim inside the filter holder. Using ESE pods: Fit the filter insert for ESE pods into the filter holder. Fit the filter holder with the handle facing left to the boiler outlet. Secure the filter holder by turning the handle to the right, locking it underneath the symbol. Place one or two cup(s) onto the drip tray underneath the outlet opening. Once the cup symbols are permanently lit, the brewing process can be started by pressing or button. Allow the filter holder to cool down, then remove and clean it as described in Cleaning and care. To avoid spilling, always empty the drip tray in good time, observing the red float indicator. Hint: If the appliance has been used for frothing or Hot water, it must be allowed to cool down before The and buttons are Flashing rapidly to show that the unit is too hot. [. . . ] Allow the sieve holder to cool down sufficiently before tapping its side against a vertical surface to loosen the grounds before emptying it. The indentations on the filter holder facilitate removing the filter sieve; use the fingers to pull the sieve out from above. The filter holder, filter inserts and drip tray may be cleaned in warm water using a mild detergent; do not clean these parts in a dish-washer. Depending on the water quality (lime content) in your Area as well as the frequency of use, all thermal Household appliances using hot water need descaling Any warranty claim will be null and void if the The button starts flashing when the unit needs Descaling must not be done right away, but should be Fill the water container to the max marking with Fit the filter holder with a filter insert, but without any Place a suitable container with a capacity of at least 1 L underneath the boiler outlet, and a second Enter the Change factory settings mode (see Change Descaling starts and will last for about 25 Turn the rotary control to after around 15 seconds. [. . . ]


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