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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Older children of 8 or more, however, may operate the appliance if they are under constant supervision. The appliance may only be used by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lacking experience and knowledge, if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance and fully understand all dangers and safety precautions involved. Children must not be permitted to carry out any cleaning or maintenance work on the appliance unless they are supervised. The appliance and its power cord must be kept well away from children under 8 at all times. [. . . ] To prevent condensation from water vapour, a little oil should be applied to the inside of the window. Temperature control The temperature control is used to select the desired temperature level indicator lamps The red indicator lamp is on while the appliance is heating up. The green indicator lamp lights up on once the pre-set temperature level has been reached. Frying container The recess below the heating element acts as a cooling area where residual particles resulting from the frying process, as well as other impurities, are collected. The circulation of the oil/fat results in a lower temperature level around the recess area. inserting the frying container: Place the frying container into the housing. Fill amount: Before heating up, the oil/fat level must be between the minimum and maximum fill level marks inside the frying container. Types of oil/fat to be used: Only pure vegetable oil/solidified fat should be used in this deep fryer. Oil: We recommend the use of oil specifically intended for deep-frying, which may be safely heated to high temperatures. However, solidified fat may be added straight into the frying container, if it already contains liquid fat up to the minimum level mark. The fat should be cut into smaller pieces first and melted in a separate pot, ensuring that it just reaches a liquid state but is not over-heated: this is to avoid the danger of burns when pouring the fat into the frying container afterwards. Removable heating element Before the appliance is connected to the Mains, the power cord must be pulled out to its full length from the storage compartment, and the heating element must be fitted into the corresponding guide slots at the rear of the unit. The deep fryer is equipped with a safety switch; however, it must be operated only with the heating element and frying container fitted. Frying basket The basket holds the food to be fried; the The handle must be fitted to the basket Before use: press the two arms together and slide the two angled pieces through the support inside the basket. Pull the handle back until both of the angled pieces fit laterally into the indents on the basket so that they are safely locked. Once frying is complete, the basket can be placed on the rim of the container, using the holding bracket provided; this position allows the oil/fat to drain back into the container (see picture). Using the deep fryer Fit the frying container and heating element as described. As soon as the green indicator lamp lights Up, put the food to be fried into the basket, remove the lid and lower the basket carefully into the hot oil/fat. Monitor the cooking process and, once frying is complete, lift the basket out and let After frying is completed, turn the Temperature control knob back to its lowest position and remove the plug from the wall socket. Useful hints for deep-frying To prevent the oil/fat from frothing Over, make sure that the food is thoroughly dried. Take special care to defrost deep-frozen food thoroughly before frying. For good results, the right temperature setting is a decisive factor when deepfrying. [. . . ] To prevent any remaining water from mixing with the oil/ fat, ensure that all parts are thoroughly dried. To remove the oil from the frying container, wait until the oil/fat has cooled down sufficiently but is still liquid; carefully take out the heating element and remove the oil/fat with a soup ladle. Once the temperature has dropped sufficiently, you may also remove the frying container carefully and pour out the oil/fat into a heat-resistant container. The oil/fat can be filtered by pouring it through absorbent paper inserted into a heat-resistant funnel or into the frying basket itself. [. . . ]


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