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Mode d'emploi SEVERIN GS 8856
Manual abstract: user guide SEVERIN GS 8856

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Dear Customer, Read the complete instruction manual carefully before you start to use the appliance. The appliance is only to be used by persons who are familiar with the safety instructions. If you pass it on, attach these instructions as well. intended Use · The appliance is designed for We are not liable for possible defects in the case of abnormal handling or disregard of the instructions given by this manual. [. . . ] For this reason, the circulation of air cannot be compromised. Do not cover possible existing ventilation openings in the back area of the top cover plate!Before you connect the appliance, you have to make sure that itself and the power plug do not show any transport damages. Connect the appliance only to a shockproof outlet. The mains voltage has to correspond to the one stated on the tool identification plate. The appliance complies with the guidelines that are obligatory for CE marking. Do not connect the appliance to an inverter · The power plug should not touch the back- The appliance can be put into operation by plugging the mains plug into the point. A complete switching-off only occurs by pulling the mains plug. If the appliance has been disconnected from the mains, wait approx. 5 minutes after plugging in the mains plug before setting the temperature controller to the desired position. The temperature is set via the Controller on the back of the The more you turn the knob Of a token/coin, the lower the The more you turn the knob counter- Clockwise (1 - 2), the higher the temperature Make sure the de- The "O" position means the The freezer door should always stay closed so that the food does not defrost. Thereby, the formation of ice and frost accretion is reduced. Therefore, make sure that the door is only open for withdrawal of food or rather for filling the freezer. The appliance is designed for the freezing of food, for the long-term storage of frozen food as well as for the appliance ion of ice cubes. Fresh food should be frozen to the core as quickly as possible, so that the nutritional value, the vitamins, etc. For this reason, put the food in one or two rows in the freezer. Do not bring them into contact with already frozen food. Do not exceed the freezing capacity per day!The respective value for the maximum freezing capacity can be taken from the appliance specification sheet at the end of the manual. The freezing time shortens if the food to be frozen is divided into small portions. Store the frozen food in the appliance only packaged. You can use uncoloured plastic sheets/bags or aluminium foil as packaging material. [. . . ] these are: · Noise of the electric motor is arising from the working compressor. When the compressor starts to operate, then the noises get slightly louder for a short time. Noises in the tubes of the circulation of the refrigerant. If necessary, the door hinge can be switched from right to left. [. . . ]


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