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[. . . ] In order to avoid hazards, repairs to this electrical appliance or its power cord must be carried out by our customer service. If repairs are needed, please send the appliance to our customer service department (see appendix). To avoid the risk of electric shock, do not clean the appliance with water and do not immerse it in water. [. . . ] Do not touch any moving parts during operation, and do not insert any implements (e. Dough scrapers or cooking spoons) into the bowl unless the motor has come to a complete standstill. No responsibility is accepted if damage results from improper use, or if these instructions are not complied with. This appliance is intended for domestic or similar applications, such as - in shops, offices and other similar working environments, - in agricultural working environments, Before using for the first time Before the appliance is used for the first time, all attachments and accessory parts must be cleaned as described in the section Cleaning and care. Short-time operation When using the speed levels 1 - 5, the unit should not be operated continuously for more than 4 minutes. The following settings are available: 0 The unit is switched off 1 very low speed 2 low speed 3 medium speed 4 medium high speed 5 high speed When mixing light and liquid mixtures or when stirring in any ingredients, settings 1 and 2 should be used. Turbo function Maximum speed may be obtained by pressing down the turbo button, regardless of the speed level selected. Beaters Suitable for light and liquid mixtures such as crèmes, mixing dough, mashed potatoes, egg white or cream etc. Dough hooks For heavy, kneading-type dough, the dough hooks must be used. The hook with the integrated plate must be inserted into the larger opening ( ). Operation Insert the selected attachments into the Openings on the underside of the mixer and push them gently upwards until they lock into place. Depending on the quantity of ingredients, use a sufficiently deep bowl. Any bowl, round container or glass is suitable, provided it is scratch-proof and the attachments can rotate freely inside. After fitting the attachments, take the mixer into your hand and position the attachments inside the container filled with the ingredients. When you have finished mixing or if you wish to interrupt the operation, switch off first before lifting the attachments out of the mixture. Ejecting the attachments The beaters or dough hooks are automatically detached when pressing the eject button. [. . . ] guarantee does not affect your statutory rights, nor any legal rights you may have as a consumer under applicable national legislation governing the purchase of goods. If the product fails to operate and needs to be returned, pack it carefully, enclosing your name and address and the reason for return. If within the guarantee period, please also provide the guarantee card and proof of purchase. [. . . ]


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