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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Set coffee strength Start brew Change number of cups Set hour Set minutes 1 Filter ring 2 Permanent filter 3 Filter insert with drip stop 4 Swing-out filter 5 Coffee jug 6 Measuring scoop 7 Hotplate 8 Power cord/plug 9 Water level indicator 10 Buttons 11 "OPEN" button 12 Grind regulator 13 Water tank 14 Bean container 15 Bean container lid We hope you will enjoy your high-quality SEVERIN product and thank you for placing your trust in us. The SEVERIN brand has stood for durability, German quality and development power for more than 120 years. Each appliance is manufactured and tested with care. With the proverbial thoroughness, precision and honesty of the Sauerland, This family-owned company in Sundern has been winning over customers Around the world since its establishment in 1892. [. . . ] Never operate GB a appliance that has fallen down. If the appliance's power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or their customer service department or a similarly-qualified person to prevent hazards. The appliance does not contain any parts that you can repair yourself. Repair work must only be carried out through SEVERIN customer service department (see "Service Centres" on page 192). Coffee maker with grinder KA 4810 220­240 V~, 50/60 Hz 850­1000 W 215 mm x 430 mm x 315 mm approx. The appliance conforms with all EU directives that are binding for CE certification. Remove all protective films and other packaging material from the appliance. Set up the appliance in a place that fulfils the following conditions: · Near a socket outlet with earthing contact (fuse at least 10 A) · Run water through the appliance as described under "7. TIP You must first set the time to ensure the programming function works correctly. If you do not wish to use this function you can skip setting the time. Repeatedly press the "h" button to set the hour. Repeatedly press the "min" button to set the minutes. ?­ Do not place parts of the body under the drip stop while the appliance is in operation. To avoid damaging the appliance only fill the water tank with cold tap water. The display switches off 35 minutes after making Coffee or, if coffee is not made, 1 minute after the To turn on the display again, press one Of the buttons at the front of the appliance. The " " button only when you wish to start brewing You can interrupt the brewing function at any time by pressing the " " button. Water remains in the water tank when you interrupt the brewing function. Empty the water tank by removing the disposable coffee filter or permanent filter from the filter insert, placing the empty coffee jug on the hotplate and continuing operation after pressing the "GRIND OFF" button followed by the " ". Do not use unroasted, caramelised or sugar-coated coffee beans. The time and the current settings are shown on the display. Press the " " button to set the number of cups matching the 2. Press the " " button to set the strength of the coffee: Place a disposable coffee filter in the filter in1se2rt 3 . [. . . ] Press the "PROG" button again to switch off programmed brewing function. ? The LED next to the "PROG" button goes out. Make sure that brewing has finished and the appliance has cooled From the socket and allow the appliance and its components to completely cool down (at least 30 minutes). Take out the filter in1se2rt 3 t4oge5the6r wi7th th8e p9er1m0an11en1t2filt1e13r 124 1o35r 146 157 168 7 disposable coffee filter. [. . . ]


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