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[. . . ] Always remove the plug from the wall socket - before assembling or disassembling the appliance, - after use, - in case of any malfunction, - when there is no supervision, - before cleaning the appliance. When removing the plug from the wall socket, never pull on the power cord; always grip the plug itself. Do not clean the appliance with liquids or immerse it; do not clean under running tap water. Never remove the water container from the base (or replace it) while the appliance is switched on. [. . . ] making coffee - General information A measuring scale on the water container allows the container to be filled with the correct amount of clean water. If several consecutive brewing cycles are required, switch off the coffee maker after each cycle and let the appliance cool down for approx. Important note: When filling the appliance with fresh water shortly after a brewing cycle is completed, there is a danger of scalding from hot water or steam escaping through the water outlet. Filling with coffee beans: Remove the lid of the bean container and fill it with a maximum of 100 g of coffee beans. Filling with water: Remove the water container, open the lid and fill it with the desired quantity of water. Note: With this method, all the water will be used, and so the water should only be filled for the desired number of cups. Inserting the paper filter: Open the swing-out filter sideways and insert a size-2 paper filter into the filter holder, first folding down the perforated sides of the filter. Place the filter ring on the filter insert and close the swing-out filter. However, a paper filter should be used when preparing the full 6 cups. Preparing the glass carafe: Replace the lid on the carafe, and then place it in the appliance. If correctly inserted, the lid will disable the dripstop mechanism in the filter holder during the brewing cycle. Selecting the amount of coffee: Use the buttons 2, 4, or 6 to select the amount of coffee needed for the number of cups. - half bean for mild coffee - full bean for normal coffee to select the coffee strength. Starting the grinding/brewing cycle: Press to start the grinding/brewing cycle. The appliance grinds the beans and the water starts passing through the filter. Removing the glass carafe: 3 beep signals indicate that all the water has passed through the filter; the carafe may now be removed. Keeping the coffee warm: The coffee may be kept warm in the carafe by leaving it standing on the hot-plate, which remains hot for about 35 minutes after brewing is complete. Interrupting the brewing/keeping-warm cycle: To interrupt the grinding or brewing cycle, or if the keepingwarm function is not needed, use the button to turn the appliance off. Switching off the coffee maker: Once brewing/keeping-warm is complete, remove the plug from the wall socket. Adjusting the grinding level Note: To prevent damage to the grind mechanism, any such adjustments must be made during the grinding process. Details of the roasting process are usually found on the coffee package. Prepare coffee as described in the section Making Coffee using whole beans. [. . . ] Filling with water: Remove water container, open the lid and fill in the maximum amount of cold water. Preparing the glass carafe: Fit the lid on the carafe and place it into the appliance. Starting the brewing cycle: Press the and buttons to start the flushing process. Hvis apparatet for eksempel har været tabt på en hård overflade eller der er blevet trukket i ledningen med stor kraft, må det ikke længere benyttes: Selv skader der ikke er synlige kan have ugunstig indvirkning på sikkerheden ved brug af apparatet. [. . . ]


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